Aphrodite’s Bath Oil

Tapping into the power of Aphrodite through connection with our own body and drawing the abundance down and in for our own use is a key feature of the Season of the Blood. We are poised perfectly to nourish this sensuous, fertile, and creative side in our lives.

We are able to do this through perceiving the who and the what that is wishing to come through.

While I will provide a recipe that you may enjoy, I am encouraging you each to come up with your own list of ingredients through perception and then research!

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Finding Your Herbs & Ancient Magic

When it comes to finding your herbs, feel into what calls to you. What plants make you feel into the body? What plants do you perceive as nourishing to body, mind, and spirit? What plants delight your senses and give you a full body ‘YES’? Make a list and then research each of them, with a few different sources if possible. Then choose the ones that you feel led to incorporate into the oil for yourself.

Note: A part of keeping to the sacred is to source as ethically as possible, including being wary of endangered species.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Ancient Magic

PGM Magic is one of my current courses of deeper study. There is something about the ability to use an ancient magic and, where needed, incorporate a modern twist of the tech provided within the PGM. What is so completely gorgeous to me is that late antiquity sees sorcery that incorporates many pantheons, including Abrahamic, Greek, and Egyptian.

PGM IV 286-95 is a great resource for those who wish to harvest a plant for ritual purposes such as this. There is another, PGM IV 2967-3006 that I would use if I were not picking my own herbs for this. No matter what, keep it sacred so they too can help you in your own sacred path!

Note: This is available to those in the private community to research deeper in DGC’s Online Resource Library!

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Sample Recipe Ingredients

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Mugwort
  • Rosemary
  • Jasmine
  • Olive Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Coconut Oil

Process of Creation

  • Grab a pot, and fill with your base ingredients or that which will hold the properties and essence of the plants you’ve chosen (in this case, your oil). Note: use less coconut oil as it typically turns solid at room temperature.
  • Place pot on the stove and turn on low heat, we do not want it to boil or burn.
  • Add in your dried herbs and macerate them into the oil to allow the goodness of the plant to enter the oil.
  • After ten minutes, remove from heat.
  • After it’s cooled, strain the plant material and bottle it up. Keep it in a cool dark place.
Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Recommended Uses

I recommend using immediately after a bath or shower before you dry off completely. Take your time, enjoy the sensuous nature of the oil and contemplate the abundance you already have as well as what you wish to draw in. You can also use on damp hair for more nourishing benefits. 

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