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Dark Goddess Collective is the future of Spiritual Community. I love the emphasis on personal sovereignty with the added bonus of being community centered. There is wisdom, compassion and strength beyond measure in the private community that’s taking shape. We are witches ready to change the world and I am here for all of it. ~ Tania

All the groups that come with the monthly subscription fee under $30 keep me feeling magical on a daily basis. I’d be remiss to not mention the courses which include various Dark Goddesses (one each month going back to Oct 2021) and the DGC Grimoire which holds lots of specific spells and magic rituals.

If all that wasn’t enough bang for your buck, the bonds of camaraderie and strong sense of community have really helped me grow close friendships with those who are far away, and develop deep healing skills for myself and the world at large.

Since joining DGC I have learned so much, I really enjoy the honest, open atmosphere where everyone is valued and can and does contribute. It is very refreshing to find so many bright, intelligent minds willing to share their knowledge and experience in a myriad of concepts and approaches. If you are an experienced or new practitioner there is an opportunity for growth and community calling, all you have to do is answer. ~ Lisa

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