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Dark Goddess Collective is a private, modern witchcraft-centered initiative striving to create a community of students and leaders driven by their own unique purpose, passion, and magic through the sovereign reclamation of the Dark Goddesses.

Dark Goddess Collective

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Dark Goddess Collective

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DGC is a private community on a private network, ensuring an exceptional experience.

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Multiple avenues of connecting & learning available including:

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Dark Goddess Collective

Powerful Personal Gnosis

The wisdom and connection of our unique passion, purpose, and magic is what takes our personal practices to the next level. The tools are here, but it is up to you to own it, hone it, and be in your journey instead of just on one.

The Dark Goddess & Witchcraft

In my experience and the experiences others have shared with me, the Dark Goddess comes in a way that grabs our attention. She grabs it with a face or name, one that grabs our attention at the soul level. It is a knowing, something just sparks for us, and we know we have found a thread leading us home. Home in ourselves, to our tribe, to our purpose, and to her.


I know I was scared shitless and curiously exhilarated.


She arrives in the form that we need to connect with and many times during the beginning of our awakening. These may be moments that do not feel like new beginnings, but like death, destruction, and endings. Those dark nights of the soul, the ones that leave us breathless or screaming, she appears and guides us through our own trials by fire. It is this deep darkness that provides the most fertile soil for us to rise strongly rooted in ourselves, in our path. We are reawakened, remembering, reclaiming, and rewilding with her.


Excerpt from Coming Home: The Dark Goddess & Witchcraft by Kaycee Reeves

Dark Goddess Collective

Hi, I'm Kaycee!

I am the creator of Dark Goddess Collective (DGC) and Revelations of a Witch. I am an initiated Priestess of Hekate, Mother of Dogs and Children (cats too, but they refuse to acknowledge it!), Business Consultant, Project Manager, Coach, Writer, Blogger, Dreamer, Traveler, Lover of Books, Mentor, and a forever student, teacher, and practitioner of herbalism, alchemy, and witchcraft. Come hang out with me for a moment and hear more about me and the passion project that is DGC.

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