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A Call to Aphrodite

What is in a name? What power lies in knowing a “true” name? What magic and technique can still be used today from the ancients? Read on to find out more!

Aphrodite’s Bath Oil

Tapping into the power of Aphrodite through connection with our own body and drawing the abundance down and in for our own use is a key feature of the Season of the Blood. We are poised perfectly to nourish this sensuous, fertile, and creative side in our lives. We are able to do this through…

Aphrodite’s Lantern to Luscious

This month’s Black Sacred Candle is working as a lantern and is unique in that each of us will have something totally different with Aphrodite. While all Black Sacred Candles are made to cleanse and protect the space for our magic, this one becomes a portal in which the three bodies can pull the lusciousness…


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