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October Wisdom: Themis

It is Libra Season, holding the balance while the veil thins. In great synchronicity, Dark Goddess Collective is covering an amazing Goddess: Themis. Known as an Original Oracle of Delphi, sister to Phoebe, and long conflated with Justice (symbol being the scales), Themis is more than wise counsel. October 2022 Theme: Passing the Torch of

Persephone: Anthology to Owning Our Journey

There is so much to be learned from the cycles of life that are all around us and the journeys through which we all pass. Each cycle is an initiation of sorts, and yet the cycle is the same with another layer added. Persephone comes, as all Goddesses do, in their time and when the

Dark Moon Blessings

On this Dark Moon, I am sending out a little blessing to everyone. Ultimately, I hope that whatever your rite, ritual, or intention: Listen here for deeper insight:

From Kore to Queen

As the Autumn Equinox rolls in, a torchbearer appears. For she is the one that unites us in crossing the bridge to the darkness. To claim our artifacts within a crown nested upon a head wise with acceptance, ownership, and a voice from the belly of the Divine Feminine. We know the name Persephone and


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