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December 2022 – Ereshkigal and Reweaving

A part of the journey to deep darkness and sacrifice with Ereshkigal is not just what happens there, but the slowing down and digesting of the information she has given to you. We must be able and willing to recognize that who we were, who we are, and who we are becoming are not the same.

The Journey to Ereshkigal

Let it be understood that this journey is not for everyone, in fact, if you have never been to the underworld with a Death Goddess I don’t recommend this one as the starting point. It is an initiation, one that will see us through the place of in between, through death to rebirth. Our deepest

Oracle of Ereshkigal

This fabulous divination was created and written by Tania Ciolek, one of our amazing collaborators this month in Dark Goddess Collective! The healing spiral is the tool we’re going to utilize as we call upon our bones to guide us as we get ready to journey with Ereshkigal. It’s best to be prepared when it

The Threads and Rays

Ereshkigal: The Threads of the 7 Gates

This is a collaborative piece for Dark Goddess Collective. The authors are Tania Ciolek, Nini Bee Honeywolf, and Kaycee Reeves. Each one of us has a unique thread to follow. Our threads may cross or tangle, they may align and seem to merge with others, but the individual thread we each carry is ours alone


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