What you seek, is seeking you ~ Rumi

Private Meditation created and recorded just for you!

  • Unique to you
  • Recorded and sent via email
  • 12-30 minutes in length
  • 15 minute LIVE client form review (via zoom) to ensure the best experience.

Latest Review:

I love so many things about the meditation I received. I need a guided meditation that does not rush me through each stage, and the pacing of the meditation Kaycee made gave me the time I needed to see, hear, feel, and immerse myself in the experience. The background music is not overpowering, and I love how soothing and calming Kaycee’s voice is. She keeps the tone and volume of her voice at a level that helps me relax and go deeper into the meditation. I am grateful the mediation was created in such a way that when it comes to the place where I can receive messages, I am able to receive what is needed.  I am not told what I should be looking for or receiving.  I am allowed to let what is needed come through. Because of this, this is a mediation that I can come back to and use whenever I need it because it is relevant to me. I am so grateful for the time, knowledge, and magic that Kaycee put into the meditation she created for me. 


Roadmap Sessions are a great way to move forward in your magic!

Sometimes we get stuck and need a reboot or sometimes we get overwhelmed by the avenues of magic and feel a deep calling for more.

  • Option for 30 or 45 min sessions one-on-one!

Latest Review:

The magic (Roadmap) session was amazing. I have never done one before and was nervous and excited. I love how I was asked questions and given the time to respond.  Kaycee has a way of getting to the root. It felt good to be an active participant with someone who listened and gave thoughtful feedback. I did not feel like I had to give the right answer or that I was going to be judged.  It was about what I wanted and needed in my life, voicing that, and diving into what would work for me to achieve it. I felt heard and I came out of it feeling more empowered and ready to do the magic I wanted to do.  


Looking to incorporate something different?

From candles and herbs to the deliciously devious, let’s find the electric and magnetic energy you desire in your work!

In this 30 minute session, we can push the limits and your capacity to engage your magic.

Prepare for an Initiation into soul-level purpose, passion, and magic!

Set of 6 one-on-one sessions to:

  • Build and maintain a powerful personal practice.
  • Break out and begin living with more heart/brain coherence.
  • Reduce stress, foster creativity and vision.
  • Produce change with evidence-based and spiritual practices that foster inner alignment designed to inspire and level up momentum!
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