New Witch, Who Dis?

Reclaiming our Ripple in 2024

New Witch, Who Dis?


Moving into 2024, I pose a question:

What do you actually want?

Reclaiming our…what? Our Ripple? What is that?

First, sit with these questions:

  • How are you resonating, vibrating, and connecting within your world?
  • Are you working your magic every day?
  • How is your flow, your magic, and your connection to it? 

Our ripple is our own vital creative force of impact. If we know that we are here on purpose and we know that our vital force impacts everything around us, then we know that between the space of who we are and what we touch creates an experience. However, that experience is not relegated to just that which is around us, whether it be people or objects. The experience is ours as well, from whatever and whoever is connecting back to us. 

Reclaiming it means we take ownership and thus are accountable to it

Meet The Instructor

Hey, I’m Kaycee and those questions above are questions I recognize ~ I had to ask myself those same questions over and over as I pivot to deeper knowing of the ripples I create on purpose. Keep them, refer back to them, and see how they change with time.

“Be the Bridge” was the message I received in 2023, only now I understand it a bit better…

It was the nudge from the Universe

I needed to begin to understand that she didn’t give me the word “Bridge” solely for the year 2023!

She was telling me that I am a bridge.
It was a call to action.
I must embrace it.
I must be in flow with it.
I must be willing to link arms with others who are doing the same, the collective ripple is more powerful!

Reclaiming Your Ripple in 2024 – Course Overview

Through a personal discovery of goals, dreams, and desires we will work with our magic to ensure that 2024 is focused on reclaiming our ripple!

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Your course includes:

  • Kick Off – Available December 10th
  • 2024 Divination
  • 2 Meditations
  • 3 Journeys
  • Astrological and Wheel of The Year Considerations!
  • Over 4 hours of Audio/Video!
  • Amazing printable resources!
  • Q&A Sections!
  • Group sharing section!
  • 3 Live Support Zooms

Where the Sacred Lives

A part of the shift as a collective is one of alignment with our purpose. Seeking clarity, finding focus, and working with our unique magic in the way we are meant to creates the space where the sacred lives:

Within and through us.

Dark Goddess Collective ~ A Circle of Sovereigns

Dark Goddess Collective is a private, modern witchcraft-centered initiative striving to create a community of students and leaders driven by their own unique purpose, passion, and magic through the sovereign reclamation of the Dark Goddesses. New Witch, Who Dis? is exclusive to Dark Goddess Collective and within the gates, we are impacting change in big ways!

When you enroll in New Witch, Who Dis?, you have options to gain access to the community for 3 months!

This includes:


  • Community Onboarding
  • Dark Goddesses
  • The DGC Living Grimoire
  • Botanica


  • Flavors of Magic
  • Witchcraft Daily
  • Barter Bayou
  • That Hygge Witch
  • The Witch Stack
  • Divination Nation
  • Give & Receive Circle
  • Sovereign Healing Circle
  • The Mighty Dead

Community Extras

  • DGC Only Events
  • Discounts on courses
  • Online Resource Library
  • DGC Only Rituals
  • First Access to EVERYTHING!

Enrollment Information

Option 1 – Pay In Full

Cost: $100.00 (USD +tax)

Course plus Community Access


Option 2 – Monthly

2 Payments: $55.00/mo (USD +tax)

Course plus Community Access


Option 3 – Course

Cost: $65.00 (USD +tax)

Course Only


Your 2024 Journey Awaits!