The Berchta Witchmás 2021 Candle

Tis the season of diving inward, but it also is the season of long held traditions across the world. Dark Goddesses Collective is embracing and calling in Berchta (Perchta, Frau Holle, Hertha, Holde, she of many names).

The Black Sacred Candle

The main reason for the Black Sacred Candle in my practice is to ensure that when I light it, I have a space that is immediately sacred, cleansed, protected, and blessed. Performing on the spot magic is much easier and it is a part of my “work smarter, not harder” practicality.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

This month I wanted to create the Black Sacred Candle in layers that honors the main purpose, but also is a call to Berchta, as well as a blessing to a new tradition – Witchmás!

Base Layer

  • Personal Oil of choice
  • Mugwort
  • Sage
  • Myrrh

Secondary Layer

Berchta has many names and faces, with some rituals still taking place in regions near the Alps. She appears as either a veiled young woman with pearls woven into her hair or as a disfigured hag, with unruly hair and dirty clothing. As the young woman, she carries keys and mayflowers. As the old woman, she carries a distaff (for unspun wool). Her plant spirit allies are Holly and Mayflower. To call her in all her forms, I added Holly, pearl charms, and used a branch wrapped in cord.

Photos by Kaycee Reeves

*Please remove branch and cord while burning and follow fire safety protocols*

Third Layer

The adding of the Holly berries is multipurpose. While Holly in all its forms is a nod to Berchta, it is also because they represent the fire element of the plant. When I am bringing something new into creation, such as the tradition of Witchmás, it too is the fire of creation. I added a few extra drops of my personal oil to the berries to really tie it together.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Are there any new traditions you are creating this year?

A candle & a key,

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Feature Image Credit: Kaycee Reeves

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