Unleashing Passion

Originally I had planned to use the title “Fanning the Flames”, but Lilith was adamant that we didn’t need to fan the flames. We need to unleash our flames in whatever way they are needed, a widespread culmination of flames that align us all. It is the ownership of self, of our ‘yes’ AND our ‘no’. What sets you on fire? What makes you batshit passionate? Are you ready to acknowledge and own it?

Lilith accepts your ‘yes’ and your ‘no’, she will meet you where you are for the spark you need.

It is by design that our wisdom feels blocked, Lilith can help ~ Photo via Pixabay

Force to Form in Magic

The spark required to unleash our passion is found in our own Lilith essence. If you have not experienced that essence enough to name it as such, I highly recommend reviewing Body Sovereign with Lilith. What we do with that essence, how it manifests, is where the differences are.

It is where force becomes form in the physical world.

The process is magic, and it is our magic.

What Lilith is bringing forward, as we come forward with our ‘yes’, is how we can reconnect to the embodiment of our essence of desire in every way (without the villainization, repression, suppression, or oppression that has historically been used as a strategy of societal control). When we unleash this passion, we begin to own, re-member, and create our own true embodiment of a very sacred fire.

Photo by Luis Fernandes via Pexels

What is Your Lilith Form?

The form of our passion is sometimes surprising, but every form is sacred. Mine, even when I shoved her down and hid her from everyone, is deeply connected to the power of knowledge and our words. Others are connected to the sacred language of plants and stones. Others still are connected to the physical form of the body and its sacredness through movement. Think about other ways people engage their desire, passion, and wisdom ~ paint, clay, music, glass, beadwork, sex, cooking, burlesque, singing, drumming.

What does all of this have in common?

A human channeling force into form. An ability to connect to the world through it. An ability to allow that passion out into the world to connect with other humans. We can use it and align in ways that allow us all to be with (and teach) our flavors of magic. Her message is in how we can unleash it together, causing reverberations, deep wavelengths, energy, and the fire of creation to challenge the current state of the world in which we live.

Photo via Pixabay

Calling Your Lilith Forward

What happens if we don’t know what our Lilith essence is or what form it would take? This is not uncommon! Call her forward with red.

In contemplating how to teach others the power of using color to bring their Lilith forward, Lilith knew who I needed to connect with that could use their power to teach us all. Juniper Persephone is one badass Glamour Witch, Makeup Artist, and Writer. Who better to teach than someone who channels passion in this way! It is with great pleasure and immense gratitude that I introduce this work by Juniper Persephone:

Photo by Juniper Persephone

“I wanted to focus on creating a look that expressed an intensely sovereign type of feminine energy that resonates at our deepest core and stretches back to the earliest beginnings of ancestral memory. Lilith speaks to me of necessary rebellion and being true to oneself through your actions and choices.

Red is a color of passion, eroticism, danger and fear. Red connects us with the powers of life and death through its connection to blood and calls on the energy of fire, its properties of creation and destruction. When we wear the color red with intention, either in our wardrobes or on our faces, we are calling upon those energies, to merge with and be moved by them.

Photo by Juniper Persephone

My approach to glamour magic and makeup artistry is that makeup is a tool for setting intentions, drawing energies into our lives, invoking our different selves and aspects of our personality to influence the way others see and experience us. Maybe even more importantly, we have the power to influence the ways we see and experience ourselves.

If Lilith were here in the flesh, I believe she would wear whatever she wanted in the moment, fashionable or not and she would break all the rules of makeup and beauty. She reminds me that it is okay to be noticed, to be feared, and to live with passion from within that other don’t always understand.”

Photo by Juniper Persephone

Want to connect with Juniper Persephone? Here are the details:




A Necessary Rebellion

In conclusion, unleashing our passion is an act of rebellion that is necessary for all of us. Passion, one of the central pillars of Dark Goddess Collective, can impact change at various levels individually (creating awareness surrounding our thoughts, feelings, and actions) but also at varying degrees within the ecology of the community. It allows us to connect with others, to inform decisions and goals, and inspire us forward in ways that promote authenticity and reduce shame, invalidation, and fear. Lilith whispers as I sink into the Red Sea, for she knows, this is the magic of setting ourselves free.

A Candle & A Key,


Additional Resources:

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Featured Image Credit: mododeolhar via pexels

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