Original Sight: Phoebe

This month in Dark Goddess Collective we are tapping into the power of sight by connecting with Phoebe. This Goddess, grandmother to Apollo, Artemis, and Hekate, was also an Oracle at Delphi before passing the work over to her sister, Themis, and subsequently Apollo according to some stories. The ability to see, pick up on, and translate the messages meant for us requires practice, experimenting, and holding the balance of giving and receiving.

Created by Montserrat 

August 2022 in Dark Goddesses Collective

Theme: Preparing for the Dark

We are taking a moment to reflect on the abundance of the year. Lammas signifies our great harvest, both outward and inward, but also the re-turning point towards the darkness. It is time to reflect and also build our ability to see in the dark.

Goddess: Phoebe

Phoebe, once an Oracle at Delphi, is a great teacher of holding the balance between giving and receiving. Not unlike the luminaries in our sky, the sun giving and the moon receiving, we are able to connect with the Great Grandmother Goddess to guide us in our ability to do both to build our sight.

Artist: John Collier

Some of What We Have Planned:

  • Black Sacred Candle
  • Lumen Oracle Blend
  • Lammas Luncheon – Discourse on Demeter and The Dark (Live Event)
  • Sea Witch Market – Live Event
  • Phoebe & The Luminaries

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A Candle & A Key,

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest

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