As we get deeper into the month with Persephone, we must understand the cycle we are beginning and formulate our purpose for entering the cycle. In the northern hemisphere, we are turning towards the dark part of the year. We are harvesting, abundant, and experiencing gratitude. However, we also feel the coming of the return of the dark. That is where she awaits us, the Dark Goddess.

Perhaps, where you are, the leaves have started changing color or the wind is carrying them softly to rest upon the ground (or it is still miserably hot – but it is coming!).

The release (or movement) down and in we see taking place upon the earth mimics the cycle we are entering. The purpose and intention for this cycle is one that is personal to each of us, but the incense is helpful for owning it.

Persephone Descension Blend in a mortar and pestle
Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Persephone Descension Incense Ingredients

EyebrightPsychic ability, clarity, insight, intuition
MugwortProtection, dream work, magic, release work, banishing, travel
CinnamonAuthority, awareness, prosperity, strength, success, protection, purification
ChamomileSupport, patience, creativity, balance, determination
SageConsciousness, energy, wisdom, quests, overcoming obstacles, wellness, focus
NutmegMind work, increases other herb functions, break/protect from hexes, enchantment, calm, creativity, attraction (luck)

*As always, please follow all fire safety protocol, including a well ventilated area. Do not work with herbs that you don’t know or have not researched, if you are pregnant, could become pregnant, or take any medications without first consulting with a physician. DGC is not liable for any mishaps.

Persephone Blend in a jar with a candle inscriber.
Photo by Kaycee Reeves

One of the things that I always seem to forget is to make enough for the entire month, so make sure to make enough for the Black Sacred Candle and possibly for other things you may want to get creative with!

Listen to more about this blend here:

A Candle & A Key,


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