There is nothing quite like meeting the divine feminine ourselves. Our personal gnosis of the Goddess in any form is what makes our craft and our lives a little more sacred. When we are able to open up a little further and raise our vibrations a little higher, it is then that we find our ability to connect.

With your Black Sacred Candle, Altar, and Incense, you are prepared for the journey. You may listen here as I guide you through:

After the journey, please take a few minutes and journal about your experience, what you asked, what she said, what you felt, saw, heard, smelled, get the details down as those are lost quickly.

This does not need to be pretty, only legible.

Over the coming days more may be revealed to you and things that initially didn’t make sense to you from the details you wrote down may actually begin to make more sense.

A Candle & A Key,


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