The Beacon to Nyx

November is meant for embracing the darkness that looms heavy in the sky as we continue to see the trees shapeshift into bare bones. We can beckon the wisdom of darkness, of Nyx, to us through the Black Sacred Candle. This candle serves as the beacon that will invite her into our spaces to impart the medicine of the darkness she brings.

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The Correspondences

Nyx, the primordial personification of night who draws the blanket over the sky, is mother to sleep and death. It should not be a surprise that poppy speaks of this same energy, and we will use Poppy seeds as a part of our Beacon Blend to Nyx. We add Yarrow to ease us into the healing wisdom of Nyx and the amazing cleansing, banishing, protecting, and world-walking trio that are Sage, Mugwort, and Myrrh. As an addition, we can use Moonstone over the candle and botanicals to reflect the energy of this beacon to take it up a level.

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A Calling to Nyx

When sinking deep into the energy of creating this beacon, Nyx made it clear to me that the flame needed a specific enchantment upon the first lighting. I sat with this for a day or so and she gave me the words immediately after waking up (still half asleep to be honest!). You can listen to it below!

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Feature Image Credit: Francesco Sgura from Pexels

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