Owl: A Guardian of Mysteries

At Dark Goddess Collective we are on a journey of calling in Nyx and beginning our relationship with her. We want to gather her wisdom and understand her mysteries meant for us. Many of our Dark Goddesses have an association with specific animals, those that present an energy or symbolism so deep that we must learn the language of symbols to begin to grasp the deeper meaning. Even then, our own research and perceptions can lead us away from our ability to discern the wisdom meant for us. We encourage you to begin your journey to finding Owl and the wisdom that awaits.

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The Owl

I have called this year my year of the Owl and the Witch. I have been working with Owl for almost exactly one year and it makes perfect sense to conclude with a journey that awakened me deeply to the wisdom that Owl guards with such ferocity. There are steps for transcendence and transformation, as the mystical symbolism of Owl implies. To build a personal gnosis of Nyx’s Great Owl, it will come to teach us how to see and trust in the darkness we navigate.

Learning to See

Owl is a guardian of Nyx’s wisdom for those unable to clearly see their path forward towards her. This sight relates to our clarity, awareness, and trust in our ability to “see” what must be seen. Nyx, in all her glittering glory, can take us to places that must be faced, but Owl comes first. As the messenger that can traverse those liminal spaces, Owl guards us and the wisdom of Nyx simultaneously. Becoming one of our greatest companions, Owl will help us with our awareness, clarity, and determination as we gather the wisdom meant for us on our journey into her realms of darkness and begin to shine a light on what requires it.

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On my own journey to Nyx, I was wandering through a thick forest. I was looking for the opening where I knew I would find Owl and the messages meant for me. I could barely see, it was so dark this time.  It felt like I was going in circles, I was touching the trunks of trees as I passed, recognizing the patterns in the Birch bark as a tree I had already passed. I stop. I breathe deeply. I close my eyes and put my palms out before I feel the message enter my mind “there you go, use your actual sight from within”. Upon opening my eyes, the largest owl was gliding silently down in front of me to prepare me for a flight among the stars.

See In the Dark Potion

I crafted this potion to assist in getting into the space of our Witch’s sight without the anxiety, fear of the unseen, or resistance that many of us face about the unknown from time to time. All of the ingredients are “pinches” of dried herb (I measure until my heart, or my ancestors, scream stop on most potions).

  • 1 Chamomile
  • 1 Catnip
  • 1 Yarrow
  • 2 Lavender
  • 1 Mugwort
  • 1 Sage

Mix all ingredients and place in a tea ball or teacup with strainer. Pour 6 oz boiling water over the mix and cover for 7 minutes. Remove tea ball or strainer and place to the side (I let this dry and use it as an incense later!). Add a little honey to the potion and find a quiet place to enjoy your potion, either consumed or through breathing the vapors (especially for those concerned about allergies).

Note: This potion that almost gets me into the calm awareness for the journey without breathwork. If by chance your messages are not clear, they will be during your liminal journeys into the dreamscape over the next few days.

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Trusting the Darkness

Owl is of and within the darkness, as is Nyx. As a messenger Bird, and a mysteriously powerful companion to Witches, the Owl teaches us how to trust in our own journey through the dark. This trust leads us to the wisdom of the darkness, to Nyx, she of the deepest dark above and below, transforming us from fearful to something sacred: Fearsome. A formidable Witch that owns the power of sight, flight, and trusts the individual path required on this journey to wholeness.

May your Owl companion bring you closer to your sight and flight,


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