A big part of coming home to witchcraft can be recognizing that we are the creatrix of the spaces in which we live, work, and play. Even if we are not the builder of our home or workspace, there are other ways in which we take on the role of creatrix: our perception, our experience, our decoration, and our actions.

Coming into this awareness can become overwhelming. This knowledge can settle into our bones. If we are the creatrix of our experiences with where we are present and where we are present can be considered a home, then:

  • What homes do we have?
  • Are we showing up or just going through the motions?
  • Are we having the types of experiences we yearn for?
  • Do we have a certain bias against some of the places and spaces we make our homes in?
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The Body

Our body is our number one home of spirit. It is the first home we have. I know I have a tremendous and deeply engrained bias towards my own body because it does not fit the standard image of many things including beauty, youth, or pristine health. A part of the process of coming home to my body and honoring it is unlearning the bias. My body allows me to exist, connect, create life, and be. A part of honoring that is to practice more self-love without hard and fast rules. Ultimately, awareness and habits of creating presence in the body allow us to take up that creatrix mode on our own, in ways that speak truth to us. Before I give some ideas, here are a few things to ponder:

  • What are ways that we can honor the body where we are right now?
  • What are things that you love about your body?
  • How can you be comfortable in your skin today?
  • What does your body need today?
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Ideas for creating presence and honoring the body as home:

  • Create a Self-Care Deck
    • Glamour Magick
    • Somatic Experience
    • Self-Love
    • The Senses
    • Decoration
  • Engage in body reflection and acceptance through journaling
  • Daily body scans
  • Weekly Ritual Bath or Shower

I am at home in my body. I am at ease with my body’s sensations. I am at play with my body’s sensuality and at peace with my body’s natural cycles. I speak about my body with reverence. And so it is” ~ Patricia Lynn Reilly, Willendorf’s Legacy: The Sacred Body (A Girl God Anthology)

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At Work

Coming home to witchcraft and especially the Dark Goddesses creates an atmosphere of evaluation and connection. The space where we work, whether it be for money or our place of witchery, demands that we remove any illusion and get clear in what we want. This, however, is not just about goals. It is about the threads that have been woven and if they feel like home. Maybe the threads need a good cleansing or maybe some need to be woven differently. Being the creatrix in this space is about nourishing growth, kindness, and compassion and it starts with us. Here are some questions to ponder:

  • Am I showing up fully present and ready to engage?
    • If yes, what are the top 3 things that motivate you?
    • If no, what are 3 things that are in your control that can help you shift?
  • Does my space feel light or heavy?
  • Who are the people, spaces, or things present that I enjoy?

Cleansing the Space

Aside from a great wipe down or a sage mist, there are other ways to cleanse your space and experience change in the energetic frequency. Here are my top 2 for the office or for my sacred space:

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Cleansing at the office or on the go:

  • Use a stone in the pocket or a portal pouch with the intention of having it radiate in all directions wherever you go.
  • A satchel of Agrimony (especially if the workplace or coworkers are challenging) or sprinkling of Agrimony in your space.

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Cleansing of Sacred Space:

  • Incense is my go-to, there is something about the immediate energetic shift with smoke. If that is unavailable, then there is another way featured here.

The main purpose is to become aware of what needs to go and what needs to be built and created. Sometimes cleansing makes it feel more like home, other times it opens the door for us to get creative in finding a new place to call home.

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