12 Days of Selfcare ~ Day 6

Day 6 – Find Your Rhythm

As we find ourselves coursing through the days, there are some days that require a little extra motivation and spirited connection to self. Today is that day. Sometimes we forget that sound and certain vibrations are powerful, especially those of our own bodies in movement.

Spend some time searching your playlists or play the Find The Movement of Soul game to find a song that moves you to dance. Even slowly. The one that gives you tingles, gives you chills, or makes you want to sing along.

Find The Movement of Soul is to put on an unknown playlist or music station in the background and wait for the right one to come on. I have done this a lot and it always works. It may take an hour but then something plays that brings movement to my whole body!

Photo via Pixabay

Examples that I have found using the game above (I don’t recommend for little ears on some of these):

  • Days to Come – Seven Lions Featuring Fiora
  • Awaken Me – Abbi Spinner McBride
  • Blood in the Cut – K Flay (not kid friendly)
  • Rún- Skald
  • A Little Wicked – Valerie Broussard
  • Mi Guapo – Bebe
  • Desire – Meg Myers (not kid safe, this is more a reclaiming of sexual energy)
  • Deep End – Ruelle
  • Horns – Bryce Fox
  • Angry Too – Lola Blanc (not kid safe)

Before bed, use your journal to describe how this impacted your day. Could you tell a difference in the way you were able to connect to your body during the day?

Preparing for Day 7

Each day there will be another (smaller) article detailing the current day and the next day, so if you are a planner like I am, you will have time to make the space.

If you want a complete list of tools, please click here.

Day 7 – Self Care Deck

As a Witch, I love my tarot deck and my oracle deck. The way I love those decks is nothing compared to how much I love continuing to add to my own Self Care deck. I try to keep each item on a card to something that takes 5 minutes or less. However, there are also some wild cards in there where I can use them to go deeper like a cleansing bath or create a Rite of Joy for today. Utilize some construction paper, card stock, or 3×5 flash cards to create your very own deck!

Here are some ideas for your deck:

  • Glamour Magick
  • Somatic Experience
  • Self-Love
  • The Senses
  • Decoration

Building it Up

This is a free series from Dark Goddess Collective and is a part of our December 2021 work. We believe that it is important to empower each other, this includes providing free information that provokes or encourages knowledge of self, of sovereignty, and that which builds intuition. Over the course of 12 days we will be building up a practice of selfcare that invites in the deeper knowledge of self and building up awareness of the importance of Full-hearted selfcare in our practices of magic.

We are building a network of Sovereigns too!

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