The Art of Accountability and Ownership

This is a collaborative article including Jane Shaw from the Collective!

The art of accountability and ownership has less to do with obligation to others and more to do with what our soul level purpose truly is. This is not to say those two things are mutually exclusive (often they are not), but ownership of where we are in relation to alignment with our purpose often requires an acknowledgement of what we must remove or cut away to retrieve better alignment. Juno has been working deeply in the collective, inspiring an excavation of some of the deeply seated obstacles to accountability. She asks that we look at our own vital force and the way we create as a powerful conduit through which we all connect, align, and own it.

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Vital Force of Creation

If we know that we are here on purpose and we know that our vital force impacts everything around us, then we know that between the space of who we are and what we touch creates an experience. However, that experience is not relegated to just that which is around us, whether it be people or objects. The experience is ours as well, from whatever and whoever is connecting back to us. 

How are you resonating, vibrating, and connecting within your world?

Are you working your magic every day?

How is your flow, your magic, and your connection to it? 

The place where that flow feels disconnected is a place that is asking for attention. It is the place that Juno forces us to go and be accountable to it. That can be difficult to do if we refuse to even acknowledge where, when, how, and why we are feeling the disconnect.

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Power of Ownership

You may notice that I didn’t include ‘who’ in my previous statement. There is a reason. The ‘who’ is you. That is the power of ownership. We do not always deserve our experiences of this world, but the fact remains that our experiences happened. 

No, it doesn’t make certain things any less sucky. 

However, we have the power to own it and heal what must be healed so our own ripple, our own vital force, is just that: OURS. We have an accountability to that just as Juno had the accountability to her threshold as Queen and protectress of Rome.

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The Wounds & Connections

When we begin to excavate deeply, we begin to find places and spaces of wounding that impact our ability to be seen, heard, supported, and feel deeply sacred or safe. It is here, in the space of acknowledgment, that we can do the work of going even deeper to heal it. We can locate the wounds that no longer belong to us or, quite frankly, never did. We can review the impact, we can cut the cord, we can seek therapy, and we can begin to transform the ways we ripple outward authentically.

How much of our beautiful selves do we hide from each other because we are afraid of attachments, of hurt, of betrayal, wince at the word ‘sister’ or ‘brother’ (although this also can be problematic because it denotes the lack of choice in the matter, but that is for another time)?

How would we show up instead, if we made decisions to show up as ourselves anyway, in spaces that actively work together?

That is the vitality and abundance of relationship that Juno dynamically proposes.

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Going Deeper in Divine Feminine Communities

The Divine Feminine is and has been rising steadily. However, we all hold wounds of the feminine and many of us hold a subset of those wounds: sister wounds. Before I give you prompts to go deeper, I want to give a summary of what it is and how it is all connected.

Sister Wound

The term “sister wounding” refers to the dynamics of wounded relationships or conflicts between women. It explores the idea that women can sometimes harm or wound each other emotionally, psychologically, or socially due to various factors such as competition, jealousy, societal conditioning, or unresolved personal issues. Sister wounding can manifest in different ways and can occur in various contexts, including friendships, family relationships, or professional environments. Some examples of sister wounding behaviors or dynamics include:  

  • Comparison and competition: Women may compare themselves to others and compete for societal validation, attention, or resources. This can create a sense of rivalry, envy, or resentment between women, leading to emotional wounds.
  • Betrayal and gossip: Trust can be broken in relationships between women through acts of betrayal or spreading rumors and gossip. These actions can cause deep emotional pain and damage relationships.
  • Judgment and criticism: Women may judge or criticize each other’s choices, lifestyles, or appearances. This can create feelings of inadequacy, shame, or self-doubt, contributing to the woundedness of the feminine.
  • Internalized misogyny: Due to societal conditioning, women may internalize harmful beliefs and prejudices about their own gender. This can lead to self-sabotage, self-devaluation, or projecting these beliefs onto other women, perpetuating sister wounding dynamics.
  • Lack of support and solidarity: In some situations, women may fail to support and uplift each other. This lack of solidarity can hinder personal growth, limit opportunities for empowerment, and contribute to the wounded feminine.

Healing sister wounding involves acknowledging and addressing these dynamics, fostering empathy, compassion, and understanding among women. It requires creating spaces for open dialogue, supporting each other’s growth, celebrating achievements, and challenging societal narratives that pit women against each other. By cultivating authentic connections, respect, and collaboration, women can work towards healing and empowering the feminine collective.

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Prompts to Unearth Truth

  • Name everyone who has invalidated or disempowered you and name exactly what you lost when it happened.
  • How often have you allowed fear or distrust in your feminine relationships keep you from abundant, prosperous, and reciprocal soul friendships? 
  • In what ways has culture, upbringing, or society kept you in a box and in what ways would you break out given the opportunity?

Have you ever…

  • Repressed the fullness of who you are in a space of women because you felt unsafe or untrusting? (A great thought experiment is how apprehensive are you to even join communities based on other experiences?)
  • Felt deep feelings of abandonment, betrayal, isolation, or rejection by other women (platonic relationships here)?
  • Noticed or felt the ‘one-upping’ competitiveness that overshadows someone else’s experience or right to be seen, heard, and cherished?

Now notice where you feel any of those things in the body. Where has resonance been found in the body? This gives us a chance to understand the place/space of wounding (this lifetime, past life, or ancestrally). It may be throughout all places/spaces/connections. However, a part of Queendom, a part of Juno, requires that the vitality be restored from this wounding.

Releasing and retrieving allows us to make bigger ripples and connections! Photo via Pixabay.

Own It: Jane’s Experience

Whether we work with Juno or a different Goddess, we use magic in DGC!  A part of healing is our ability to work magic to release back what doesn’t belong to us and retrieve the pieces we may have lost. I am always honored when someone shares their experience with me and deeply appreciative when they wish for the world to know. 

It is a way to ripple and connect with others, to act as a guide for those who may have experienced the same. 

Jane is an amazing guide, and she is quite literally a bearer of flames that knows how to allow herself and others the space to burn it all away to rise. Here is what she shared with me after going through the prompts:

This exercise took me deep into my heart and mind. Some of it was uncomfortable, but necessary to be able to be at peace with myself.

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Jane chose to work through the prompts and detail out what she needed to release and what it is she needed to retrieve in ritual for herself. I love a witch who doesn’t wait, she owns it and acts accordingly!

Jane continued:

Earlier in the day on Sunday I prepared. I had burned my candles. I asked the universe to bear witness. I asked Hekate to attend. My husband knew of my plans. And he more than approved. We took it all to the metal fire ring. My husband waited for me to start poking it within the branches he had laid there. Then he started helping. He was the only one that knew the hurt and turmoil it had caused me in the end. He had to live it with me. 

During this time my health was failing. And the biggest problem was stress, it could have had fatal results. The aneurysm in my aortic vein was growing larger by the year. It was not good before and it was really bad after this. When we poked the last papers. He turned and walked to the swing. Up in the fort part he has lighter fluid. When he was dowsing it all, I felt it. I wanted to scream no and grab it all out of the pit. I told myself “Hell No”. He lit the first spot. I remember him telling me to move back. I was maybe 3 feet from the fire ring.

Phoenix mode all the way…Photo by Hiệp Nguyễn via Pixabay

I started to feel the tingle and it turned into a burn. It started deep in my heart. It became more and more intense. It spread to my throat below my vocal cords. And it burned its way up and out my mouth. I heard Hekate. She said, ” you are my child, you are well protected”. I rose from that fire as the Phoenix. My husband asked me if I needed to sit down. Then I realized I was clutching my chest. My fists were all balled up into my solar plexus. I am alive. I have awakened.

I am grateful to Jane and those that share their powerful experiences with others and with me. We are more powerful learning and growing together!

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