Anthology to Juno

Connecting with Juno and collaborating on this anthology to Juno took me deeper into her stories, her epithets, and the many rays of the crown upon her head. From Juno Lucina (meaning “light”) to Juno Moneta (“mint” or “money”, a somewhat political undertone as well as abundance), Juno is the connection between. Between lovers, betrothed, the artist birthing their art, the collective, and how we move toward prosperity as Sacred Queens in our own lives. I am thrilled that so many of us were able to connect and reclaim the ownership we desire with Juno.

By Biser Todorov – Own work, CC BY 4.0

A Poem by Inner Light

I came across a poem, which inspired me to write this haiku series that seemed to come through me directly from Juno:

When the rains fall down
Healed Queens rise to reign themselves
 Ruling their rainbows

When the rainbow ends
And the storms rage once again
 Trust in the cycle

Divine royalty
Spiraling sun, moon and stars
 Life, death and rebirth

The poem that pulled the thread in:

People who have revived themselves after almost drowning in trauma do not get enough credit. Even though the pain was massive they did not stay stagnant or bitter. They knew the only way out was the path of healing and they used it to start a new life.
~Yung Pueblo


Rites of Sacred Queens – Experience From a Sacred Queen

From our Roar Sacred Queen Rites today, it was requested that I share pictures of the crown I wore.
This one that I’m wearing was created at a Red Tent I attended in the Spring about Esther and we all made crowns.  I drew a wee peacock feather on my cheek.

Photo via Al Lua of Dark Goddess Collective

Prepping for today’s rites were eye-opening. I did the same rite of release and reclaim that focused more on certain females that had disempowered me. As I was working through the prompts today, burning the Lumen Oracle incense blend to find clarity, I realized that I HAVE DISEMPOWERED MYSELF. 

Oof. Cue in tears. Cue in Juno looking at me with an eyebrow raised and nods once.

My own judgement of myself. 

My own fear of succeeding. 

My self-sabotage. 

Ugh. Digging deeper…why? Expectations. Expectations placed upon me prior to birth, from this stolen land built by stolen people for the greed of a few that turned into corporations that burn and pillage whatever they can. Debtors. Manical shits that ____________ (fill in that with whatever action and feeling you feel led).

What shall I retrieve?

Self-love. Grace. Calm, Clarity, Joy. Trust. Laughter. Freedom. Passion. Soul Purpose. Power. Confidence. Flow. Acceptance. Sovereign. Magick. Sacred. Blessings. The Rites were so needed today. I was able to access more visuals along the guided journey. See/feel/hear the impacts of the disintegration. See/feel/hear the Lionesses’ roar. The Temple shook. The roar I emitted was all over the vocal scale. Cough, choke, release. The orb that flew into me – tingles flowed through until I glowed.

Photo via Al Lua

The Goddesses who visited with me. The conversations I had with those who’ve impacted my life…..those scissors that cut the cord were HUGE! The releasing and reclaiming that energy back into me, rocked me in my chair again. Reclaiming the crown that is mine to live my life on my terms as I enter into a new phase of rediscovery of my full growth potential.

So grateful to be here with you all.

The Culling & Harvesting – Aikaterine’s Message to Self

The universe is throwing so much at me right now.   All the Culling in “doing the work” over the last few years, all those seeds that were planted, and the Harvesting is beginning.  Recently I came across a post that said “Sometimes when giving advice we are speaking to our younger self not the person in front of us”.   I knew in that moment this was good stuff.  I totally related.   Because I am one to always offer advice.  I started thinking “what advice did I give, that I need to hear now”.   And the Universe didn’t disappoint in my asking.   I am realizing how much the Spirits are listening in on my thoughts.  They can read our minds and it manifest.   Sometimes FB does come in clutch with those “past memories”.   I clicked on that notification, what popped up blew me away.   In that moment I realized exactly how much I needed to hear my own words.

two black skeleton keys on an old paper
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

This was the post:

Aikaterine Kleisoteira July 19, 2022  · Shared with Your friends 

You are so much more than you have ever been told is like music in my ears. There is so much to discover. A friend just said “a spiritual awakening is not a one time thing”.   She inspired me.  It’s on going.  It’s layers upon layers of peeling back. Discovering the different levels.  It’s so much fun. It’s empowering.  Never place yourself back into the box that society placed us in from the beginning. You are more than human.  You are more than a witch.  You are more than a medium.  You are more than a healer.  You are more than a star-seed.  Have a blast lighting herbs & candles on the full moon.  Call upon the gods & goddesses.  They are your family.  Enjoy the visits. Enjoy the beauty.  Astral travel to the places you maybe limited to visit in human form. Travel to space & visit your space family. Go to Paris. Go to Scotland. It’s ok if you not there yet. It’s ok if you don’t understand. Just keep showing up. Watch the layers continue to fall to the wayside. Never limit yourself of where you going. We are all exactly where we need to be. I don’t even know if there is an end result.  I think it’s endless. I am at the point of knowing and seeing I am all one and the same. I am alien.  They are me. I am the gods & goddesses. They are me.  So are you.  We are all connected.  Sit back.  Look back. See how far you came. Then share your experience to inspire others.  And always KNOW YOU ARE MORE.   

It’s so powerful to read what I wrote a year ago and I didn’t know I was speaking to myself.   Now I sit and read it over and over again.

The Peacock Stone

Our amazing GreyRabbit shared a beautiful stone termed the “Peacock Stone” also known as Chalcopyrite. It is beautiful and so I dug a bit a deeper. It further cemented Juno as the light of nature, the ability to spark new connections and growth in the pattern of life. According to Melody (1995), not only does it vibrate at the number 9, but its ability to work at the universal consciousness level (connecting us to it) as well as the DNA level of the human that holds it.  

Photo courtesy of GreyRabbit of Dark Goddess Collective

Peacock: Finding My Crown ~ A Personal Experience from Alana

I still remember the first and only time I have seen a peacock in real life.  I was around 5 years old and visiting a zoo while on vacation with my family.  I recall my father all excited telling us to look under a tree.  I saw “her” walking out slowly with “her” long neck, strange crown and such a beautiful colour of blue. 

I was in awe!  

Then the tail shook open I couldn’t believe my eyes; the feathers, the colours, hundreds of jeweled eyes looking at me. She’s beautiful I stammered. My father corrected me, no that’s the boy, the one that looks like a partridge that’s the girl. I couldn’t believe it, he looked so elegant, regal even. The beautiful colours made me think of a queen dressed in an ornate gown adorned in jewels. 

Stock Image Microsoft365

I was a girl I wanted the colourful peacock to be a girl too. I wanted a way to connect with this amazing creature and being a girl was all I could see as a similarity, and I didn’t even have that.

The experience took the wind out from under my wings, so to speak, for peacocks for quite some time.

The Peacock Throughout History

The peacock and its symbolism can be seen in Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman art and myths, as well as various religions including Hinduism and Christianity.The ancient Greeks and Romans both thought the beautiful tail feathers were like the eyes of the stars. The peacock was sacred to both Hera and Juno.

Photo via Pixabay

In Hinduism peacock is seen with Lakshmi, the goddess of good fortune, compassion and fortitude. He is also associated with Hindra, the thunder goddess whose rainwater renewed the earth. Peacocks dance when they know the rain is coming and were thought to be harbingers of rain. Alchemists even considered the peacock to be an earthly form of the Phoenix and resurrection.

Peacock Symbolism

  • Some common symbolism associated with the peacock:
  • Renewal, regrowth, rejuvenation,
  • Honour, respect, loyalty, integrity
  • Vision and awareness
  • Protection
  • Self love
  • Confidence

Spending some time with Peacock and seeing myself in a new light

The Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck by Kim Krans   Card: LV Cauda Pavonis The Peacock’s Tail

In Kim Krans’ Wild Unknown Alchemy Guidebook, she speaks of the Peacock’s tail as a sacred image in alchemy. She pointed to the alchemists shifting from single perspective to multi perspective.  She states, “the force field of possibilities has opened, and the alchemist has entered the new paradigm belonging to multiplicity, dimensionality, and inclusion…each feather contains a shimmering universe of possibility”.

When I sat with this card my mind was blown! BOOM ! here is the connection to the peacock I so wanted as a child during my visit to the Zoo. I needed to stop looking at myself through a single lens. I needed to embrace that peacock (Yes, this sentence was very hard to write without busting out laughing … embrace that peacock LOL) and see myself with those thousands of eyes. See the power, beauty, potential and the sovereignty that I embody.  I AM QUEEN!

W.I.T.C.H. oracle deck by Angi Sullins   Cards: 1. W.I.T.C.H, 32. The Sovereign, 15. The Lion Queen.

As we are working with Juno this month, retrieving pieces of our selves we have lost, take some time to sit with her companion, the peacock, and lean into the energies of renewal, regrowth, self love, beauty and confidence. Start to see yourself from a multiperspective. Embrace everything you are, all of the qualities you possess, all of the parts of you that you that were once lost, and you have reclaimed!

Straighten that Crown, you damn well deserve to wear it!

Put a peacock feather in your hair to remind you of all that you are.

You are an Amazing Sovereign Queen!~Alana

References: Peacock symbolism and meanings, Whatismyspiritaminal.com

In Appreciation

As always, a huge shout out to everyone, and to Juno especially:

Iuno Dea, Iuno Dea, Iuno Dea

Great Goddess, transform and transcend

We release and retrieve

As Sacred Queens we ascend

~ Kaycee Reeves, from A Ritual of Sacred Queens

A Candle & A Key,


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Feature Image Credit: By Biser Todorov – Own work, CC BY 4.0


Kynes, S. (2013). Llewellyn’s complete book of correspondences: A comprehensive & cross-referenced resource for pagans & wiccans. Llewellyn Publications.

Melody.(1995). Love is in the earth. Earth-Love Publishing House. Colorado.

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