Hestia Fire

Hestia: The Fire We Carry

Hestia, a Greek Goddess born of Cronus (Saturn) and Rhea, is perhaps well known as a Virgin Goddess of the fire within the home. Indeed, translated, Hestia means “Hearth”, a place of fire that is typically known to be “at the center” and nourishes outwardly. As we nourish our connection with her, we may find that the fire we carry is a ray of this same force. When we tend it, from a place at the “center”, we may find an initiation into our own Sacred Fire!

Hestia Fire

I cannot explain how much I fell in love with this statue! Interestingly, they are available on MANY websites!

The Month of August 2023

Our Theme: Sacred Fire

This month we are looking at the essence of Fire!

Our Goddess: Hestia

As one of oldest Goddesses, the connections, influences, and meaning making each person may experience during this work are vast. There is an expansiveness, but also a sense of guardianship over that which is nested in the deepest and most intimate parts of us all.

Hestia Hearth Fire
Photo by Tom Swinnen via Pexels

What We Have Planned

  • August 2023 Newsletter
  • Black Sacred Candle
  • Sacred Fire Blend
  • Portal to Sacred Fire
  • Virgin: A Sanctuary of Wholeness
  • 08/12/2023 – Communi-TEA (exclusive to DGC BadAsses)
  • 08/19/2023 – Give & Receive Circle (Exclusive to DGC BadAsses)
  • 08/19/2023 – D4C Event! Registration now open!
  • 08/25/2023 – Sacred Fire: Resistance to Resonance (Keep an eye out for the workshop!)
  • 08/27/2023 – The August Book Witch Stack Book Club Meet (Exclusive to DGC BadAsses)

As the month progresses, other work may present itself and you may even find deeper calls to share your own work (as always, there is never a requirement nor pressure to do so!).

A Candle & A Key,


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