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I admire the creative process of the women I surround myself with, even the ones who believe they are not creative. They are. Oftentimes, however, creation is something they do without realizing the connection to the birthing process. Originally, I reached out to GreyRabbit to give a bit of a starting point of connecting with Juno for her own deep work…okay, okay, Juno voluntold me it was important, and it evolved.

I don’t ask questions. 

Juno is multifaceted, with many epithets, and a part of connecting to her could be through just getting into those epithets. Feeling into them. However, what happens when you have an artist do that? How do they connect? How do they transform that connection into form? What would Juno’s Queen Card reveal through GreyRabbit’s eyes? Was I prepared for anything? YES. Was I prepared for what was shared? NOT EVEN A LITTLE.

Juno’s Queen Card Art by GreyRabbit

When I first got this image, the first thing I noticed was the peacock-colored veil. I noticed the moon. I noticed that there was nothing behind her and everything was in the front. I noticed the DGC symbolism. I noticed the cups. I asked GreyRabbit to allow me to see this through her eyes and she took time out of her day to do so (I am forever grateful, thank you!).

Symbolism in the Art

GreyRabbit began with “I hope you don’t mind that I used a slightly altered version of DGC symbolism”. I giggled a little, because of course I don’t mind! I find the whole thing beautiful and who wouldn’t be thrilled to see an artist think that highly of a space by using it in their art, right?

GreyRabbit continued discussing the veil, as related to Juno being married to Jupiter (Zeus) and thus becoming a Goddess associated with marriage (Pronuba). Juno Regina or “Queen” is featured here, through her sovereign crown. However, Juno Lucina or “light” is also pictured upon the crown, as she is looking towards the new moon (notice the sliver), giving light or vital force to new birthings. We also see the big eyes and sorrowful look upon the Goddess. GreyRabbit describes her big eyes as a portrayal of her watcher/protector/savior aspect (Seispes) and the sorrow more towards the 2 cups.

Closer look at some of the symbolism of GreyRabbit’s Art

Upon the pillar (of community) she presides over, one cup is filled with pomegranate juice (hers) and the other is overturned, being Jupiter’s. Jupiter’s cup, that she knocked over with her sceptre of lightning (she was also known as a storm Goddess) for his lack of “loyalty”. Just as Zeus had his lightning bolts, so did she with her glyph of the Juno asteroid; they were equally powerful. Her cup remains full upon the pillar of community she is responsible for. It remains full because she controls that abundance of her own sovereignty with community.

Look Again

We may notice the contrast of white and black (such as the new moon) as a part of the cycle between birth and death. The arm band of blood red and green earth in an infinity loop upon her arm further cements this idea through cycles of the blood of the mother (Mater) we come from and the Earth we return to. She is the beginning and the end, and this is denoted by the emptiness behind her while facing towards the new moon, a type of looking ahead to what is beginning.

GreyRabbit paused and stated “just one more thing”. 

She continued with the cups as representations of us all. When one person’s cup is empty, we can support each other and fill each other back up upon the pillar of community. Even when we get “knocked over”, or we “knock each other over a minute” (have a disagreement/differing perspective), we are still located upon the sacredness that is community within DGC and we will inevitably pick each other back up. 

We are all Sovereign here.

I was blown away, almost speechless, but moved entirely. Thank you, GreyRabbit, for allowing us the privilege of connecting to Juno through your eyes and your art!

A Candle & A Key,


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Feature Image Credit: Pixabay

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