Juno’s Liquid Gold

This article and creation is courtesy of our very own Rayne McLoughlin! Thank you Rayne for being such a creative badass!

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Juno has whispered her secrets to me this Dark moon and provided a luscious oil spell to lather not only your mind, body, and spirit in, but your bank account!! 

Who doesn’t need some extra money??? Well, I tell you…I DO!!

Juno is a gracious Goddess, and she provides, but we will need to exchange extensive offerings of course (at least in my experience with her). This morning I set out to prepare my land and space for the coming New moon by cleansing and then crafting. To begin, I gathered a bundle from my garden to offer to her and Hekate at the crossroads. Then I sat in meditation, listening and feeling. I prepared my space to make the awesome BSC (Black Sacred Candle) and began to make that and my incense as well. Then came the recipe for this liquid gold oil…..wowza!!


  • Small mixing bowl
  • Ingredients I have suggested or any substitute you feel guided to use. Remember if you don’t have some of these things there is no need to run out and buy any of them, USE WHAT YOU HAVE!!! Use your intuition to find substitutes because sometimes they work out even better.
  • Small glass bottle to dispense oil.
  • Sharpie
  • Blue sheet of paper
  • Tape


  • Mint leaves
  • Marigold petals
  • Dried Vervain
  • Almond oil
  • Red Carnelian chips
  • Green Aventurine


Begin by cleansing yourself and your space. At least, wash your hands and try to have little to no distractions. Meditate and ground, if possible, first.

In a bowl, gather herbal ingredients (one by one saying words below) and blend with fingers. I have fresh mint in my garden, so it was nice to pick it and dry this myself, but it is not a must. If you use it dried it is easier to crush up defuse, I have found. This would be the same with the marigold petals, the finer the better. I bought the vervain, so it is already dried, but if you get yours fresh, I suggest drying it because the little pieces defuse into the almond oil better. Pour some almond oil (this is a must for the spell, no subs) into the glass container you will use to store the oil. Add herbal mixture to oil. Add stones last. Mix well shake and dance, sing too it, twerk or whateva you feel you need to do to put that extra energy into it. 😊 Put out under New moon/ full moon with offerings and use for the cycle of JUNO!

The Words

*Suggestions only, you can use your own of course, but feel free to use mine as well.

As you add the mint say: Mint, Plant of Mercury, Hekate and Air to fortify the physical properties of personal monetary income and wealth into my affairs.

As you add the marigold say: Marigold, flower of the Sun, illuminate my path of happiness in fulfilling my desires of riches and prosperity, so that I may bring my essence forth with easy in commodity.

As you add Vervain say: Vervain, plant of Jupiter and Crown of Juno I call you to cleanse the realms and heavenly bodies within and without, filling sacred spaces with golden light and midsummer sprout.

Adding these herbs now to the oil, add in the stones, thank the base of the Almond, and say: Almond you smooth and cover me with luscious liquid gold, your deep richness where all treasures unfold.

Add in the Carnelian saying: Red Carnelian so strong, motivating, and bright, bring the fire of creativity back into my sight!

Add in the Aventurine saying: Stone of opportunity and Cancerian vibes, hold me in stability while I wade through these tides.


Now take the blue sheet of paper and draw Juno’s Glyph on it and tape it to the bottle or draw in blue sharpie on the glass whatever you prefer. I also like to draw a pentagram with my finger on the top and bottom of the bottles that I am using for the oils for protection.

Close the sacred space and enjoy your oil.

Rayne Mcloughlin

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Feature Image Credit: Pixabay

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