Juno and the Sacred Queens

As we continue to create our connection to Juno, it becomes clear that she’s urging us forward into our own sphere of influence from a perspective of ownership: as Sacred Queens. As an archetype, the Queen represents feminine power, authority, sovereignty, and leadership. With embodied qualities such as wisdom, compassion, grace, and the ability to create and nurture ~ the Queen is a powerful symbol and archetype!

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Sphere of Influence

The Queen archetype is often associated with royalty and monarchy, but it extends beyond literal queens and can be found in various contexts. She is seen as the ruler of her domain, whether it be a kingdom, a family, a community, or even a personal realm. The Queen holds a position of influence and has the capacity to shape the world around her.

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One of the key aspects of the Queen archetype is her ability to balance power with compassion and care. She is a figure who can make tough decisions while considering the well-being of her subjects or those under her care. The Queen’s wisdom and discernment enable her to guide others, provide counsel, and create harmony within her realm.

Individual & Psychological Expression

The Queen archetype also embodies a strong sense of self and personal authority. She knows her worth and stands confidently in her position, commanding respect and admiration. Her presence is often regal, dignified, and charismatic.

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In psychological terms, the Queen archetype is associated with the anima, the feminine aspect within a person’s psyche, regardless of gender. It represents a person’s capacity for intuition, empathy, nurturing, and leadership. It can be an empowering archetype for individuals seeking to embody qualities associated with the Queen.

Overall, the Queen archetype represents a multifaceted symbol of feminine power, leadership, wisdom, and nurturing. It inspires individuals to embrace their inner authority, care for others, and create positive change in their realms of influence. How can we bring more of this forward with Juno?

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To dive deeper into our own Sacred Queendom with Juno and with harmony, we can look to the Queens in tarot. Go ahead, go get them! Lay them out in front of you and listen:

Juno & The Sacred Queens

A Candle & A Key,


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