From Kore to Queen

As the Autumn Equinox rolls in, a torchbearer appears.

For she is the one that unites us in crossing the bridge to the darkness.

To claim our artifacts within a crown nested upon a head wise with acceptance, ownership, and a voice from the belly of the Divine Feminine.

We know the name Persephone and her ascending the throne as the Queen of The Underworld. We also know of her as her mother’s daughter, where her name was better recognized as a Kore: a maiden sometimes showing grain like her mother, but also holding a torch. Many say that the torchbearer appeared to lead the Kore back into the springtime, but in the whispers of the dark, the original torchbearer is none other than the Kore herself. Knowing that to own her life fully, she must make a journey into accepting who she is and the places that are her wild home.

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As you prepare your own torch this Autumn Equinox, take an inventory of the year. What needs to be reviewed, reset, or rebalanced? The current crossroads we face require that we are open not only to the past, but we are open to an understanding that regardless of what is back there (or whether we deserved it), it has shaped and molded us to be exactly where we are right now. To accept that we cannot change what is back there is to accept that we can own it and use it to step into our divine feminine power.

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As many times as we may have traversed the darkness and sat next to the Queen of The Underworld, this year seems more potent and powerful. Whether it is because the Dark Moon is upon us right after the Equinox or because the walker between the worlds (Mercury) is Cazimi, we are capable of immense and illuminating magic. We can ask the hard questions at the bridge, knowing the answers wait in the wisdom of the dark and will be answered by one who claims ownership of the voice emanating from the belly of the Divine Feminine. Here are some questions that may warrant a deeper dive as step into the liminal:

  • What loose ends remain that we need to tie up?
  • What do we need to release or reset to gain real focus and clarity surrounding our purpose, passion, and magic?
  • What feels heavy and do I release it or transmute it from pain to power?
  • What parts of my life are seeking a battle cry to sovereignty or change?
  • What parts of ownership do I struggle with the most?
  • Where do I need to rebalance?
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The Place of Wisdom

Deep in the dark, cradled within a womb-space, we find the wisdom we seek. Around this cauldron, the guttural sounds match that of our own deep knowing. You are the Kore, but are you ready to leave here as Queen? What artifact is being added to your crown by Persephone? To help us get into the space of the Kore, here is a divination spread that may help illuminate the journey:

As the torchbearer, our divination tools can assist us in our journey across the bridge. Whether you are using a tarot deck or an oracle deck, choose one that that has been a challenge to decipher. With the extensive energies of this Equinox present, our ability to discern intuitively has been taken to another level.

  • Card 1: What requires ownership as I cross the bridge?
  • Card 2: To claim sovereignty and ownership, what must first be removed?
  • Card 3: What is the artifact that will be placed within my own Sovereign Crown for the next season?

May your Equinox celebrations and intuition guide you into your wisdom as we cross the bridge together!

A Candle & A Key,


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