Finding Persephone

As the equinox approaches, the northern hemisphere is making its way toward the dark. Here in Dark Goddess Collective, we are pivoting too, guided by Persephone. While many connect Persephone to the tale of being stolen away by Hades to become the Queen of the Underworld, listening to her weaves a different story entirely. Come with me. We’ll travel to the spaces and places we’ve met her as a guide long before we knew her name.

The journey in the dark
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Where Were You When…

Light your Black Sacred Candle, put the incense on and let it waft into your space or simply in a little bowl close to you. We create a circle here. The candle a beacon to Persephone and the incense our connection to the spaces and places she’s been with us. Get settled in and remember…

Where were you when your soulful joy was replaced by the need to stay small to survive?

Where were you when the air left your lungs and your heart shattered into pieces, but you could not will the tears forward to cleanse the moment?

Where were you when you died each little death in burying your dreams supporting someone else’s?

Where were you when you discovered it was more uncomfortable to stay the same than it was to change?

Where were you when you entered that space of the unknown and willed a path forward?

Where were you when you found your truth and your passion staring back at you in the darkness of that void?

And where were you when you deciphered that you were the Queen of Your Life?

Claim the crown of Persephone
Crown by Judith Buksa via OwnCrownDesign on Etsy ~ I want it!!!

Persephone was there, for each moment, ready to crown your head. With each journey she was ready to emblazon upon it a new artifact to mark as a reminder. Each step that opened us up closer to our purpose, passion, and magic in rebellion to the ‘should be’ or ‘expected to be’ that was placed upon us: she was there, ready for us to take our throne. And we have, right next to her, many times over in our lives.

Greeting Persephone Within

Within our blood and inscribed upon our bones is the knowing of Persephone within ourselves. When we ask ourselves where we were, we can summon her from within. In that space we know her energy as it is and not what we’ve been taught.

Your lens, my lens, and every lens will be different because our ability to decipher, intuit, and translate her in relation to ourselves (and within us) is dependent upon our real world experiences.

Going within
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What doesn’t change is our ability to turn inward, to meet her when we find ourselves uncomfortable staying in places we don’t belong. We find her with sitting with our passion and purpose. Especially when they require change, and it is more uncomfortable to stay the same than it is to change. We embrace the rebellion. We embrace the spaces meant for us. And then we take scissors to the blueprints that others drew up for us without our full consent.

A Personal Persephone Story

When we can share our stories, we can change the world. We do this even when the world around us is changing. That volatile, and ever demanding place that demands we stay in the boxes the world is comfortable housing us in. Persephone reminds us it’s not just the world around us changing, but that we are witches:

We enact change.

We birth it, we guide it, and we become Persephone that holds the crown and the torch for others.

A Candle & A Key,


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