The practice of magic starts with intent, but under the surface there is a different question. What do you want? Building our magic and practice truly starts by knowing what we want. Paired with our ability to connect to and build relationships with outside influences, we begin to affect impactful change within ourselves and our communities.

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The Desire

Heading into the Full Moon, it is a reminder of wholeness. Being a Leo full moon, there is a much deeper resonance towards truth and wholeness if we feel into it deep enough. This is a time of asking ourselves the tough questions about what we want, learning to ask for it openly, and discernment of the truth behind our desires. Ultimately, we become empowered to authentically own who we are, what we want, and our magic begins to unfold from a place of wholeness. Lean in and look to the stars, they can help translate where you are and where you are going.

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Wholeness Translated

This full moon is so encouraging! It is in Leo, the Lion, and it is ruled by the sun. The sun is the center of our solar system, and the full moon is reflecting a deeper, more intuitive feeling sense of what we desire at our own center. It is truly highlighting what we want and how to get there is found by looking to what else this full moon brings:

This full moon also has something else: Venus and Mars conjunction.

The story of the lovers is present, in relationship with each other, the two halves coming together. Wholeness, Fullness, Connectedness, and integration are all keys to curating intention into our magic. How do you intend to translate this wholeness into your magic and your life? How can you harness the power of this full moon?

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Heart Opening Patch

This patch is a useful tool in the arsenal of the witch. Used in conjunction with specific plant allies, stone allies, and Astro timing, we can sink deeply into our own awareness of our desires. In nearly every use case that I have gotten feedback on, this patch has been able to foster clarity surrounding intention, the underlying desire, and how to open the heart to connect in wholeness with that desire.

We find a path to our Muse, to connect with our inspiration and creativity, and to birth collaboratively from a place of truth.

What you’ll need:

  • Black Sacred Candle (or anything you use to prepare space where you work magic)
  • Cheese Cloth (or gauze)
  • Living Water (snow, rain, spring)
  • Tigers Eye
  • Rose Quartz
  • Lavender
  • Saffron
  • Eyebright
  • Star Anis
  • Two stackable bowls
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Preparation Process (On the day of the Full Moon is preferable)

  1. Take one bowl and place the Rose Quartz and Tigers Eye in the center. We want these two stones to connect love and action.
  2. Place the other bowl on top. In this bowl place your cheese cloth (or gauze). Put a small amount of living water in with it, just enough to fully saturate but not cover it.
  3. Place the dried herbs on top of the cheese cloth and fold over or cover with another piece of cheese cloth.
  4. At dusk, put the bowls outside or on a windowsill to allow the full moon energy to permeate the patch for at least 30 minutes.
Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Patch Use

On the night of the full moon, after the patch has been energized by the moon, it is ready for use. Prepare your space as you would usually and make sure you have at least 30 minutes to use the patch and journal about any flashes of insight after.

To begin, grab:

  1. The bowls with stones and the patch
  2. A mat to lay on (or in your bed) and a blanket.
  3. Set up the music: I recommend listening to shamanic drumming or this to get into the space of awareness.
  4. Carefully grab the patch out of one bowl and the stones from the other as you lay down. Place the patch at your heart center and place the stones on top. Cover up with your blanket.

Listen to the music and breathe deeply. Close your eyes or soften your gaze. In your mind’s eye picture the energy of the patch seeping through your skin to your heart. The energy swirls there and your heart opens like a flower.

Revealed here is your true desire.

Your true inspiration.

Sit with it.

Allow your breath to return to normal. Allow your true desire and inspiration to permeate your entire being. The energy swirls throughout your body, contacting every cell, allowing intention and clarity to rise to the mind. Breathe deeply again, drawing the energy back to the heart center. Allow it to continue to swirl and provide insight. When you are ready, wiggle your fingers and toes, open your eyes and come back to present. Remove the patch and stones. Journal about your experience and insights. Keep your journal next to your bed as more may come to the surface during the dream time.

A candle (to light your way) and a key (to open the doors of truth),


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