The Storms We Face

In the northern hemisphere, the wheel is turning to Spring and in what seems like a great synchronicity, the great storms have arrived. On a global level, the storms continue to rock us all. From national economic crises to pandemic recovery to the war in Ukraine, we are all impacted. Witches across the globe understand that death and destruction pave the way for rebirth and growth, but what about the storms we face individually? At the center of the storm, how can we navigate it thoughtfully and in a way that is not more destructive than necessary?

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A Lesson from Pisces & Aries

We are leaving Pisces season behind, the deep waters, and moving into Aries. They come bearing messages of the season of storms if for no other reason than to provide insight into where we are right now.

If the waters of life are always still and calm, they turn murky and stagnant. There is no movement beyond where we are right now. It is the chaos of storms that move us forward or backward or pivot us depending on our ability to adjust our internal sails of awareness. This awareness allows us to break through our own desire for things to remain the same.

This is rebirth energy, the energy that allows us to connect with our divine inner spark that urges toward our deeper purpose, our passions, and magic.

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Awareness & Acceptance

One of the most pivotal points we can reach when facing our storms is just the awareness of it. That we are in the center of it and must lean into it. That is when we start to acknowledge or accept it for what it is. Does it mean we deserve the storms and chaos we are facing? No. Does it still play a role in our journey? Yes. This acceptance of the parts we play during the storm clears the way for us to clearly define the things we can control. We cannot control the storm, we can only control ourselves and our actions.

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Using witchcraft to navigate the storms we face is a great way to understand how strategic actions and daily practices build our ability to influence and withstand the storms we face. During the storms, here are some of the witchcraft practices that have helped build awareness, acceptance, and clarify actions to take:

  • Automatic writing: getting into the space to receive messages from the divine and letting it flow.
  • Daily Tarot Card: “What will help me navigate what I am facing today?”
  • Journal prompt: “What is this giving me a chance to learn?”
  • Transmute: Pump the BRAKES when the storms are overwhelming.
  • Lighting our Black Sacred Candle to Eris

We may not come away completely unscathed, but we do know how to grow in our power and direct it through our practice of witchcraft. May our collective journeys be a force to reckon with as we rise to the occasion.

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Feature Image Credit: Johannes Plenio from Pexels

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