Misunderstood: Medusa Winks

The sky is speaking. Technically, the language of the sky is ever present, sending energetic messages to each of us. From the moment we took our first breath, as an individual apart from our mothers, the universe has guided us through these messages even if we were not aware of them. Sometimes though, these messages are globally felt and cause a wide array of shifting, growing, and transformation.

Photo by Rodolfo Quirós via Pexels

It would be the understatement of the decade to say we are amid a global transformation, but today we all see Medusa wink in the sky as the Lunar eclipse in Scorpio brings a soulful message within us all. It is okay to be misunderstood, we are collectively releasing and surrendering to the message that will help us shed the skin holding us back.

The Demon Star

During this Lunar Eclipse, the sun will be conjunct with Demon Star Algol. It is the Gorgon star and is a system of 3 stars that eclipses as well, causing white light to “wink” or blink in the sky.

This is strong energy.

Art by Bob King

Once we translate the energy through the understanding of the Gorgon Story, then impose the message over our own lives, there is a light shining there. It is that light shining on these darkest parts that Medusa reminds us that the purge is necessary to own our stories. We are not the villains, and neither was she. She winks to remind us that we own the regenerative cycles even if they do not come about in the way we expect.

Releasing Fear

Medusa invites us to release fear. Fear of being seen, fear of taking up space, and the fear of being villainized for utilizing the power we hold when we own our darkest parts. However, it is worthy to note that even then her power was used in a strategic way. We can do the same through evaluating risks as we begin this regenerative cycle individually and collectively.

Found on Pinterest, would love to credit original creator!

Understanding our own rage, that it is sacred, can bring about the changes to our lives that are empowered through holding her gaze and feeling her messages in our veins. We can remove the veil that society has placed upon us to keep hidden the power that comes from connecting with each other and forcing change. So yes, Medusa winks at us this day, to remind us that the power of our story, of herstory, is ours and we can take it back.

Right now.

Sculpture by Luciano Garbato

Connecting with Medusa

Connecting with Medusa under the night sky of the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is powerful medicine for the soul. Bring her an offering of the Demon’s Eye Incense and sit with the Black Sacred Candle. It is the beacon that connects us with her. Call to her in your own way and ask her to reveal to you where your power is being held and veiled. For some, the information may come right away. It may seem completely absurd or unbelievably scary – sit with it. Contemplate in your journal how this might look for you and enlist the help of your tribe or a psychologist if navigating some of these things seem to be a bit heavy.

A Candle & A Key,


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Feature Image Credit: Luciano Garbati

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