Medusa, the Gorgon Goddess, can bring about life and death, health and illness. Connecting to her essence offers a shield, but a different kind of shield.

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Our Shield

We all have a shield, whether we are aware of it or not. Sometimes the use of a shield is no longer about physical life or death. Sometimes it becomes the crutch we use in self-preservation or preventing anything from happening at all.

We have to ask ourselves:

  • Is this really living?
  • Am I using my shield in a way that lets nothing in at all?
  • Am I unable to receive, even the good things?

Let us dive in to the shield she offers and receive the messages she has for us.

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Choosing Your Set

While this divination spread uses oracle cards, tarot or runes could be substituted. Whatever methodology you choose, I recommend choosing the deck or set based upon clarity. To be clear about this, we want the deck or set that provides information we can connect with even when we DO NOT LIKE IT. 

I call this my ‘asshole’ deck. I may roll my eyes, but the truth is that it has yet to steer me wrong even when I want it to be gentle with the message.

The Gorgon Shield

Spread and Photo created by Kaycee Reeves

The Questions 

  1. What do I fear right now?
  2. What should I be focused on or concerned with instead?
  3. What will help release fear?
  4. Where is my power?
  5. What will help me grow my personal power?
  6. What is the Medicine of Medusa’s Gorgon Shield for me?

After the Message

Once you have gotten your massages, it is helpful to connect with the energy of the message in its entirety once you have connected with each card. This will assist in determining what changes could be implemented to allow a greater sense of connection to self and others whereby we can receive more from this life instead of the narrative that others would have us believe. Your narrative, story, and truth is yours.

A Candle & A Key,


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  1. Love it. Gonna dive deeper but the jest of it is spot on.

    1) what do i fear right now? 5 wands
    The conflict i will cause
    2) what should I focus on? 5 pentacles
    realizing that the dissolution is a positive
    3) what will help release fear? Hangman
    Surrender, patience, go deeper
    4) what is my power? 3 swords
    The wisdom from my suffering
    5) what will help me grow it? Tower
    the dissolution – let it all burn down around me, it for the positive
    6) what is the medicine ? 10 swords
    Unmerited hatred

    It all makes sense because lately i have not been able to see the order in the chaos. I will look at this deeper.
    I am still angry at the fact that every person including our government lied to me. I thought i let it all go but so much has come forward again so i got mad all over again.

    Thank you so much Kaycee

    1. I think this is awesome, she really has a way to get her message across doesn’t she?! I’m still sitting with mine like…Woah! I appreciate too that you really looked at what these mean for you – hella fantastic 🖤🕯🗝

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