Channeling “Bad” Emotions

The thing about Dark Goddesses, all of them, is that they are powerful in their wisdom. This wisdom is not nice, neat, or scheduled for convenience. Like life itself, the Dark Goddesses bring our lessons in ways that are uncomfortable sometimes.

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Many of you know that I also write about my personal journey with my practice over at Revelations of a Witch. It is my first and original platform discussing the ways in which witchcraft has helped me grow, navigate, and otherwise break out of a mode of living that felt forced and inauthentic. One of the lessons I received from Medusa was on “bad” feelings and I wrote an article on the top 5 things I learned. It was an uncomfortable experience in awareness.

Being Uncomfortable

Sometimes an author or writer uses images to bring about this awareness. I used a feature image in that article that I knew would make people uncomfortable. On purpose. Most of my followers know I do this from time to time – to force us all to ask ourselves why something makes us uncomfortable.

Does this image make you uncomfortable? It is the feature image I used. Photo is by Nicolas Postiglioni via Pexels.

It is a direct challenge for awareness and growth.

The feedback did not disappoint! It was in fact described as a “visual assault”. The challenge here is that while that may be true, moving past the image reveals that it is no more of an assault than that which takes place for being a human who has been emotionally stunted to one end of the full emotional spectrum. In fact, what has kept us stunted is:

the historical emphasis on compliance and that the earning of love, resources, respect, and acceptance were conditional upon our ability to navigate emotions in a way that only showed “good” or resulted in “good” behaviors deemed appropriate by those with power over others.” ~Kaycee Reeves, from “Bad” Emotions: Top 5 Things I Learned

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A part of the lesson from Medusa comes from understanding that the narrative and expectations others have of us, especially ones that have required us to comply to an image that others hold of us, is not a ‘them’ problem anymore. It is an us problem.

So no, I will not hide my rage, my apathy, or my gaze that can turn others to stone – I will feel it all fully and channel or transmute it into something amazing. 

I am going to teach you how to do the same.

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Channel It

To be able to effectively channel an emotion or energy in motion, we must first learn to name it. We must be able to name it specifically. There are so many emotions that we don’t understand, or we cannot name because we also haven’t felt it fully. To effectively name and channel an emotion, we must be able to identify it and to feel it fully. We must get into a space where we are capable of a deeper state of awareness. That allows us to feel how that energy lives within our body.

Create the space

To create this space of awareness I recommend that there be at least 10 minutes where you can be in a silent, but comfortable, space. Without distraction, one can feel deeply within the body an emotion that has come up. If you are truly feeling anger or rage: What does that feel like within your body? If you are experiencing or feeling melancholy, what does that feel like? Is it slow and sluggish? Once you have been able to slow down enough to name it and feel it fully. Now we want to translate this in a way that allows us to effectively collect the energy we are experiencing. I called this a foreign universe practice.

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The Foreign Universe Practice

The Foreign Universe practice really breaks down the translation in our language surrounding our emotions and how they feel within our body. This practice requires that we explain our emotion in words and then describe or translate it into the energy we feel in our bodies to a being that is from a faraway galaxy. This being is completely different from us. However, to connect with them and be able to translate this language of the energy that you have and that you want to channel, you must be able to translate to them exactly what it feels like to you.

Do you feel a whooshing in your ears and heat within your body rising when you are angry? 

When you are sad, do you feel a slowness or coldness in certain placed? Do you feel your toes?

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Gather Energy in Motion

Once we have determined the emotion, named it, felt it, sat with it with our foreign galaxy friend, we now know where the energy lies within our bodies. It is up to us to draw that energy in together, grow it, and channel it effectively.

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We can gather and grow the energy in motion to create conduits of magical connection. For example, we can gather the energy of grief and hold a funeral rite that allows us to connect with our ancestors. It is a strong emotion that we can use as a beacon to call the ancestors forward.

We can channel our fear into art pieces: spinning yarn, creating poppets filled with notes about our fear and then burning it, painting a small canvas. We can channel it by sticking our hands in a pot of soil and using it in little containers around the outside of our homes to strike fear into those that would seek to do us harm. We can also create the conduit of change.

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Our emotions and the energy they provide us can allow us to create change. It is important to note that we cannot bypass the process of feeling fully or translating the energy in our bodies. This type of bypassing will only continue the same lesson over and over until we fully feel the nature of an emotion. Another important and very distinct factor is that we are not trying to change the emotion itself. We are using the energy of it to foster an ability to use our magic to impact change on a very personal level that has nothing to do with wanting to not feel the feeling.

While I know that I personally don’t enjoy rage and the subset of emotions that come with it – I do enjoy being able to use that energy in my magical practice for various outcomes. A practice that has been helpful is to sit with the energy and list out the ways in which one could utilize it and maybe even bring in flavors of energy from specific planets, plants, stones, and our Dark Goddesses to create spells for internal changes over a period of time.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves ~ Many years ago, this was a powerful spell channeling emotional energy into spell work that has had lasting impact.

It is All Connected

In conclusion, the lessons from the Dark Goddesses allow us to tap into our abilities on a much wider scale. It’s the drawing up of our own energy, and the pulling in of theirs that allows us to impact change inward and outward. It is all connected and we can harness this energy and use it well.

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