A Sovereign Chant

There are always going to be times when our sovereignty and our ability to thrive come under threat. While it doesn’t come as a surprise to many of us, the rage that many of us feel is daunting.

But feel it we must.

It must flow within us and we must be able to use it strategically.

A Sovereign Chant

Today, as Roe v. Wade was overturned, I sat with my rage. The difference is that this is not a new rage and it is not a new rage that has echoed through generations before us.

This is a primordial rage and it is sacred.

However, it is imperative that we meet this rage in all its glory from a place of grounded-ness, rootedness, sovereign-ness, and above all else – we use it to take strategic action. 

When you need clarity and strength, strategy and protection, use this chant:

I call upon Themis, she of wise counsel

I call upon Athena, strategist that beats them at their own game

I call upon Medusa, a gaze they cannot hold

and protectress of sisters

I call upon my ancestors, may their energy and protection roar through me

I call upon the Dark Goddesses, their righteous rage

To remove the bindings those in power seek to place upon us and instead resolve to stay:




And strategically powerful with the reverberations and actions of millions of women before me




Strategic As I speak it, it is so

Chant created by Kaycee Reeves

Created by Kaycee Reeves

A Candle & Key,


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