We have been walking with Medusa for two months now and most of our followers and students know that is very uncommon, but it has become highly important. At Dark Goddess Collective, we understand that we find the Dark Goddesses with many faces, many names, and much wisdom. When we made the decision to continue with Medusa for an additional month, originally we thought she wasn’t done speaking. That is true. I am not aware of the why and I am not in the business of asking a Goddess why (especially considering I have a relationship with her outside of Dark Goddess Collective).

Historical Medusa

Medusa has many names and stories, from pre-Hellenic times in Libya where she was known as Athene, Neith, Metis, and Medusa born of the “the uterus of Lake Tritonis (Three Queens) in Libya” (Graves, as quoted by Walker, 1983) Interestingly enough, the Greek stories are told that Medusa was born from the head of Zeus after he swallowed her mother, Metis (female wisdom) and sometimes The Great Queen Isis was referred to as Athene too and translates to “I have come from myself” (Budge, as quoted by Walker, 1983). It wasn’t until later that the stories came about of Medusa raped in the Temple of Athena and branded ‘monster’ turning men to stone with her gaze.

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A Pattern in the Stories

Many great scholars and authors alike have seen the historical pattern with the rise of patriarchy and Christianity. Taking from the wisdom of the divine feminine and destroying it through vilification and demonization. It is important to know that this knowledge, wisdom, and triumph of divine wisdom, sacred rage, and the power to create never left us.

It simply went underground to keep her children safe and for a while, under the foot of men, her voice could not be heard.

It came through any way for some, in the ways they made decisions, in their cunning ability to allow others to believe they were in control while taking actions that most certainly proved otherwise. Harriet Tubman immediately comes to mind as does Madame Restell. It is a reclaiming of personal sovereignty, even in fear, rage, and fury. This reflects how we can own our stories and rewrite a narrative that has been based upon lies to one of truth.

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ElementFire, Water
Planet/AstrologyAlgol, The Demon’s Eye, Mercury
StoneRed Jasper, Onyx, Coral
PlantsMugwort, Rowan, Juniper, Vervain
WorldMiddle World
ColorsRed, black, green
ParentsPhorcys and Ceto
SiblingsSthenno, Euryale
OffspringPegasus. Chrysaor (fathered by Poseidon)

Personal Experience

Medusa has always been my Goddess of in between, the before and after, and of becoming. It is no less ironic that rage, fear, and sovereignty are big lessons she brings as the bridge through the ‘in between’ considering the last few weeks. It is the journey across this bridge that she is full force. She has been a fierce protectress and unequivocally demanding of action. If I am going to learn, it will be with her in my face to see just how clear she can make it that we do not back down.

Black Sacred Candle Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Her voice has reverberated in my throat. Her energy of reclaiming truth and personal power has seeped into my lungs. It is an assurance that speaking words to power in my own truth is a banishment to inauthenticity.

It is a banishment to playing small or living without alignment.

Lighting the Black Sacred Candle to her for two months was like holding her gaze and seeing myself staring back at me. The depth of knowing and clarity and the destruction of shapeshifting and shedding allowed me to accept ownership of removing obstacles along my path through this series of daily moments with the flickering flame.

We are fierce.

We do not back down.

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The Sovereign Chant & Invocation

A deep part of the work that drives our connection with Medusa is our ability to get into a space with her. These were both channeled and they have become integral in our work with Medusa and will remain so.

The Sovereign Chant by Kaycee Reeves

I call upon Themis, she of wise counsel
I call upon Athena, strategist that beats them at their own game
I call upon Medusa, a gaze they cannot hold and protectress of personal power
I call upon my ancestors, may their energy and protection roar through me
I call upon the Dark Goddesses, their righteous rage

To remove the bindings those in power seek to place upon us and instead resolve to stay
And strategically powerful with the reverberations and actions of millions before me


As I speak it, it is so

A candle & A Key,



Walker, B. (1983). The woman’s encyclopedia of myths and secrets. HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Feature Image: ActionVance via Unsplash

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