The Bridge: Phoebe & The Luminaries

The Goddess Phoebe was a Titaness, with Luminous beginnings, ruled by Leo as the sun, but also conflated with Selene as the Moon. She was an Oracle at Delphi after Themis, her ability to see and our ability to utilize reflections of both the sun and the moon can help us see clearly inwardly and outwardly. I had woken up from a dream weeks ago and the message was “be the bridge”. It makes so much sense to me now. Understanding the interplay between the luminaries allows us to connect and light up the path of knowing between the unconscious and the conscious. It’s a drawing forward of that which is hidden and a discernment of the message that can be quite an initiation especially for those building skill in prophecy, divination, and sight. Phoebe is the bridge, and she teaches us how to be the bridge too.

The Wisdom of the Dark

Phoebe can also take us a little deeper into the wisdom of the dark, but it comes with a warning: we do not get to choose what is revealed and we cannot continue forward as if ignorant. We cannot just “unknow” it. This sets the landscape of our paths in clear view.

The Dark Moon

Getting deeper in the dark with Phoebe has its complexities, but on a dark moon it seems easier to connect with her wisdom. This Goddess of Bright Intellect can reveal to us where our deepest purpose and passions have been hidden, our personal actions and relationships that have kept them dormant, and how to wake them. It may shake us to the core to see the ways in which we’ve been an obstacle to our own growth, the ways in which others in our lives have created barriers instead of supports, and the revealing of subsequent actions that will allow us to move forward. If accountability and personal responsibility is something you’re not ready for, better buckle up.

As far as I can tell, you aren’t the sister of Wise Council, Mother of the Stars, and Grandmother of the Queen of Witches without also being powerful – Phoebe connects them all.

She is the bridge.

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Lumen Oil

I created this oil to be a bridge through which we are able to connect to Phoebe and perceive the wisdom she provides. While I used a small amount on my skin* (at the third-eye and at the heart center), you can even put a drop or two on your Black Sacred Candle and sit near it while you are doing your work this dark moon.



Place some of your Lumen Oracle Blend in a small pot with 1 cup of Olive oil. Heat on very low heat (do not allow it to boil) for at least one hour. You may have to remove it from the heat often, but that allows connecting with the oil and the plant allies. You can coax out the properties of the plant allies that you know you need more of, such as Lunar Magic (Jasmine) or discernment between fear and danger (Nettle). Do some extra research as needed.

Once you are ready and you let the oil cool down, strain it into a jar of your choosing using cheese cloth (or you can keep the plant material in it and let it continue to get stronger for a bit).

Getting Real

I want to encourage us to sit with the wisdom that is brought forward, even when it is not pleasant. Not everything we become aware of requires an action immediately, but it is what we do with that knowledge after we acquire it that will make all the difference. To get ourselves into a space of being grounded, centered, and balanced after the wisdom will help be the bridge between head and heart. Often, we lean far too much towards head or heart, but in the right balance we can use our wisdom and our magic to better understand the path forward. Below are some additional resources:

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*The required disclaimer: As always, do not use plants or oils directly on the skin if you have never worked with the plants before or if you are pregnant, could become pregnant, are taking any medications, have allergies, or are otherwise uncomfortable (speak with your doctor). Dark Goddess Collective nor Kaycee Reeves is responsible for outcomes of use.

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