Phoebe: An Anthology of Illumination

Phoebe, a Titaness, is the daughter of Uranus and Gaia. It is easy to see why a daughter of Earth and Sky would be able to teach us her ways in divine prophecy by connecting the unseen world to the seen world in which we live.

In fact, she has an amazing way, as “bright intellect”, of removing that which is blinding or preventing our ability to connect with such knowledge through her connection with the luminaries.

One moment it may feel as if everything is burning to the ground (fiery like the sun) and then a moment to reflect upon our ability to connect deeply within ourselves and our greater knowing (much like the energy of the moon reflecting the sun and illuminating a deeper sense of self).

Dark Goddess of the Moon
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ParentsUranus & Gaia
ChildrenLeto & Asteria
SolarLuminaries (Sun & Moon)
ElementsAir and Fire
ConflationsArtemis, Diana, Hekate, Isis
Major ThemesCycles, Prophecy, Divination, illumination of the hidden (especially emotions)

Phoebe was also over the Oracle at Delphi (Delphi means ‘womb’ or hollow space) although some accounts have her handing off to Themis and then Apollo. It is told by the Pythia that it came to her by way of Themis first and then she gave it to Apollo in The Eumenides by Aeschylus. If we think about the womb, understanding that we are all here because of our passage through one, and of knowing through our connection to the seen and unseen – it is easy to understand that Phoebe (bright intellect) and Themis (wise counsel) are the makers of The Pythia.

It is Phoebe here who allows us to be born of the womb into our own reclamation of Pythia.

Our own great knowing that is reconnected through a cycle of birthing who we must become for our purpose, passion, and magic.

Dark Goddess of the sun and moon
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Phoebe in Our Magic

Utilizing our connection to Phoebe in our magic is an understanding of layers. Bright enough to burn it all down and reflective enough to light up a space of darkness, she is a guide for us. We can look to her when we are seeking a way to connect that energy outside of ourselves with a knowing of the energy within. I have said it many times, but it is worth saying it again: our magic made manifest here is not just a result of the everyday actions we employ.

While everyday actions are required, the energetic level is a causal level, and our earthly level of actions is the effect level of our magic.

Getting connected at a causal level and an effect level is true Phoebe magic. It is the creation of layers bundled together: The slowing down enough to listen, see, think, focus, and build awareness combined with a daily practice of lighting the Black Sacred Candle, burning an incense while we write and craft our intentions, and find correspondences that draw in the energetic translations of those things that we want.

Divining with Phoebe

Phoebe reconnects us to our own knowing, but she also provides us with knowledge we have been resisting or overlooking.

Sometimes we just don’t want to see something as it is or acknowledge it, but if we want to build our ability to divine and prophecy then we must remove our resistance to truth as it is.

This is also true when we start looking at what we want: where we are in relation to it and what is holding us back from our journey. These questions allow us to be open and curious. They also prepare us for when we are birthed into who we need to be for our purpose and passion to come to fruition.

We are going to divine with Phoebe a little differently, we are automatic writing.

Drumming for the spirit

Creating the Space

You will need at least ten minutes, some music, and a notebook/pen. I highly recommend either Shamanic drumming or even one of my favorites that you can find here. If you are in a space that you can light your Black Sacred Candle and incense, do so as it will only deepen the experience. Regardless of music choice, ensure that you are able to feel into the music and into your breath. There is a deep link between the fire of the body and the breath, the air, that connects us to here/now and seen/unseen. Have your notebook and pen near you.

Let the Writing Begin

As soon as your music is finished, pick it up and begin to write. Don’t think, just write the first things that come up surrounding the following:

  • What is your deepest desire in becoming?
  • What is holding you back from this?
  • What must you let go of to create the space of becoming?
  • What would that purpose or passion look like to you?
  • Connected as you are to body and breath, Phoebe knows that you know, what is she telling you that you need to hear that you have resisted hearing?

Do not worry if this divination method is a bit challenging. I know many witches that prefer using other methodologies, however, this is one that requires additional personal effort towards connecting mind/body/spirit. It is worth it to build this ability, even if it means that we do this practice over and over again. You’ve got this!

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