The Journey to Ereshkigal

Let it be understood that this journey is not for everyone, in fact, if you have never been to the underworld with a Death Goddess I don’t recommend this one as the starting point. It is an initiation, one that will see us through the place of in between, through death to rebirth. Our deepest dark and deepest truth, Ereshkigal will have it. You will give it to her, not because you want to, but because you must. As a witch, as a practitioner of magic, and as a weaver: this is a requirement to step fully into your purpose, passion, and magic.

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Sacredness of In-Between

It is important to understand that life, like the moon, has phases. In our magic we understand the uses of the phases of the moons and the inherent value of those phases. Life, however, is genuinely different. We don’t honor the dark or the in-between. We don’t honor the spaces as sacred when we encounter moments that fundamentally change our course or direction in life. Those spaces of before this moment happened and after this moment happened or even recognizing the actual going through that moment as sacred (let alone knowing what to do with it or the value that space holds). Instead, we see it as a pivot point to simply be endured. Coming face to face with Ereshkigal is one of these moments, but each of us has a choice in how we honor it.

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The Business of Choice

This journey is a public offering and as such, certain methodologies for meeting the Dark Goddesses are not appropriate for the public at large. For those who are about to join the Dark Goddess Collective private network, the choice will be yours on the version you accept as your journey to Ereshkigal, as the private network is a container for support within. For those who want the journey without the private network, you may enjoy the version below or you may choose to purchase the deeper journey with release consent.

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Ereshkigal and The Underworld

It is a great honor to collaborate with Nini Bee Honeywolf, who created this amazing journey to Ereshkigal. While still quite eerie, the container created is safe and secure. She allows us to get just close enough to hear her and get the information to weave ourselves anew. Once this journey is complete, make sure to journal about your messages, practice grounding, centering, and balancing techniques, and complete the second part of the Oracle of Ereshkigal by Tania Ciolek. To begin, create your space as you typically would and then listen to the recording below.

Created by Nini Bee Honeywolf, recorded by Kaycee Reeves

A Candle & A Key,


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