Oracle of Ereshkigal

This fabulous divination was created and written by Tania Ciolek, one of our amazing collaborators this month in Dark Goddess Collective!

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The healing spiral is the tool we’re going to utilize as we call upon our bones to guide us as we get ready to journey with Ereshkigal. It’s best to be prepared when it comes to the Dark Goddesses. I’ve designed this reading in two parts:

  • The first is to be done before the journey that Kaycee and Nini have carefully and lovingly created. Part one will help identify areas where a release/sacrifice is needed.
  • The second part is for after the experience of coming face to face with Ereshkigal. This second complimentary part will help identify areas that may need a little extra love and attention as you integrate and live the wisdom you received.

To prep for this reading doodle spirals. Sounds simple because it is. Focus on the counterclockwise motion which symbolizes release. Draw them as large or as small as you feel led. Use colors or simple black. The main action is drawing counterclockwise.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Paper. Printer paper works great.
  • Don’t forget a marker!
  • Oil of Ash (substitute olive oil)
  • Tarot or oracle cards of your choice. My only advice here is to make sure it’s a deck that speaks to the underworld. If you aren’t sure, use the deck you feel the most comfortable with.
  • Sacred Black Candle

You’ll want to have your journal handy to write down first impressions and thoughts that come up.

The Process:

Part 1 Spiral of Descent: Release

  1. Light your Sacred Black Candle
  2. Get yourself into a place of contemplation. Whether that be meditation, music, drumming…whatever works for you.
  3. Anoint your third eye with a dab of Oil of Ash (or olive oil)
  4. Take a sheet of paper and starting at the top, draw a counterclockwise spiral. Large enough to be the focus of your paper. Don’t overthink it. This is the spiral of your descent and the backdrop of the reading.
  5. As you begin to shuffle your cards, spend a moment with this image and allow yourself to merge with the concept of walking the spiral into the Great Below. Envision yourself shedding all the habits, thoughts and actions that stifle your growth. Focus on your heart center. If you are able, visualize your heart center moving into the center of your spiral.
  6. Shuffle your deck until you feel you’ve hit a card that will represent you at this moment, in this space and time, as you prepare to release what’s holding you back from living your soul’s purpose. Place this card at the top left of your paper
  7. Next, we’re going to pull three cards to help narrow the focus on where release is needed as we prepare to descend the spiral.  One for the point where the spiral begins, one for the middle of the spiral and one for the end point.

Consider the shadow aspect of each of the chakras and ask the spiral and Ereshkigal to show you what you need to sacrifice. I mentioned in an earlier article that we can associate each gate of the underworld with a chakra center and each chakra center can manifest in a shadow form. I’ve included some broad shadow aspects below.

Shadow Chakra Aspects

Crown: Disconnection

Third Eye: Separation

Throat: Guilt

Heart: Rejection

Solar: Shame

Sacral: Denial

Root: Repression

1st Card: entrance of spiral. This card is a culmination of the three upper chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Throat

This placement is sky, it’s airy and communicative. What’s blocking you from clarity of thought and compassionate speech? What’s hindering your understanding? What’s keeping your third eye blind? What’s keeping you disconnected and in a state of separation?  Only you will know the message that the cards reveal.

*If you get stumped interpret each card in relation to the YOU card at the top left. How do they interact with each other?

2nd Card: center of the spiral. This is your Heart Chakra.

This is the sea, the boundary between sky and land…the living and the dead, the upperworld and the underworld. This position is full of emotion. It will help you see what’s keeping you closed off from others, from community, from parts of yourself. Or is there is an area where you are holding on too tightly? Releasing this placement will help you keep an open, expansive heart and be receptive to the messages of Ereshkigal.

3rd Card: end of the spiral. This is the lower three chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root

This is land, earth, root, bone. What shadow aspects of these chakras are holding you back from looking The Queen of Death in the eye? What are you in denial about? What is keeping you from feeling a sense of security?

Part 2 Spiral of Ascent: Integration

The second part of this reading is meant to be done AFTER the journey to the Underworld. It is designed to help you incorporate your messages and integrate the wisdom you received.

  • For this half we are going to walk the spiral clockwise (opposed to the counterclockwise of Part 1) starting at the end point moving up to the top.
  • Same preparations as the first reading, have your black sacred candle, your oil, your journal.
  • You can use the same spiral you originally used or create a new one.
  • This time as you shuffle contemplate the clockwise motion of the spiral and ascension. Do you feel any different since your encounter with Ereshkigal? Allow the cards to show you what has changed in you. Pull a card and place it in the top left. This represents you now, compare it to the card you pulled before the journey.

Next, we’re going to pull three cards to help narrow the focus on where a little extra attention may be needed to help integrate the wisdom and energy we received from our time in the Underworld. Contemplate how these gifts can be integrated into your daily life as you ascend the spiral.

1st Card: deep end of spiral. This is the lower three chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root

This placement will advise you on what will help you feel secure and strong

2nd Card: middle of spiral. This is your Heart Chakra.

This placement will help you in healing your heart and guide you on how to have healthy relationships with yourself and others.

3rd Card: top of spiral. This card is a culmination of the three upper chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Throat

Represents leaving the underworld and bringing back all the wisdom and healing you acquired on your descent. It provides clues on how to stay connected to others and to the sacred.

If a beloved pet wants to assist, why not?

I hope this two-part spread helps in the exact way you need!  In my experience Ereshkigal’s messages are very personal, raw, and honest. Trust yourself as you work through the interpretation and trust in your encounter with the Sovereign Queen of the Bones.

From my bones to yours,


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