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Altar of Alignment

This month with Tempestas has taught us the importance of getting into the practice of leveraging the storms that she brings. From the workshop, (you can scroll to the bottom to find out how to get your copy of this FREE!) we have learned to recognize how it feels. That charge we felt, as we pulled it down and into the body, has served as a starting point of recognition that something is pending. By feeling into it, we can begin to navigate force into form using the altar as a beacon and a tool.

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Feeling Into It

A part of learning to discern between the causal level of force down into the body and life situations as form is navigating the three bodies.  The three bodies are:

  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Physical

Once we have been able to connect at the spiritual body level to the universal and collective consciousness, we can pull it down further through the emotional body (that intuitive, knowing sense), and into the physical body/physical plane where we are able to have a clearer understanding of what is showing up. The ways it shows up in our lives could be an obstacle or challenge, whether it be in our relationships, careers, education, health, or even our magic. Those are typically moments that may find us uncentered or imbalanced. This altar seeks to return us to a homeostasis that allows for creation.

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The pattern of life and creation across many cultures and religions follow a similar path through the primordial energetic forces we know as elements. When we realign to those elements in a balanced way, we gather the clarity necessary to use their energy and leverage the challenges as the catalyst through which we create: the path forward, a solution, or step into our divine purpose.

The Altar

Altars are used as energy portals, beacons, and tools for many practitioners of magic. This one is not different, but it is an active, working, altar of practice.


  • Card Stock/Construction Paper
  • Pens
  • Elemental Marker/Object
  • Object of Self/Dial


  1. Set your pieces out to see where they fit best for you. Mark those areas so you know to decorate around them if you choose. The piece at the center, that is your dial (it will move), is to have the symbol of the pentagram – the totality of the elements that is alive within you.
  2. Feel free to decorate your mat as you see fit. Each piece outside of the center piece represents an element (Air, Fire, Water, Earth), you can draw the elemental symbol or you can draw the cardinal zodiac symbols near the piece or in place of the piece.

Using the Altar

When working with the Altar of Alignment, it is going to be best to attune with the elements through the 3 bodies. What does too much fire feel like for you? What does too much air feel like for you? Earth? Water?  What do each of those elements teach you? Practice turning the dial while calling to the element. See how that energy shows up and how you are able to hold it within the body so you have an idea what each one feels like to you. 

Finding Balance

Once you have attuned this to you, you can use this as a tool to almost dial into the right frequency that allows you to get back to a place of grounded, centered, and balanced so you may focus on the magic required to leverage your next steps that are in alignment at both the causal (spiritual body) level and effect (physical body/plane) level.

I hope you have an amazing time utilizing your Altar of Alignment. One thing I am doing is just keeping a log of how quickly I get myself realigned and what messages I can pull through when I do that!

Below is an audio where I discuss this a little bit and it may be helpful!

A Candle & A Key,


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