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Full Moon In Cancer

This is a full moon ritual bath to get into alignment for the Great Awakening. Our Great Awakening, coming near Imbolc towards the end of January, is our ability to use commotion or weather (especially the weather of thoughts and emotions) with constructive intent. Tempestas is not just the power of storms to destroy, but to create change in the landscape of our lives. When we partner with that energy, we have the ability to expand our capacity and how we weather the storms of life.

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A key phrase of Cancer is “I feel”. This sign is ruled by the moon and to be the sign that the Full Moon is in provides a lot of depth, it is also cardinal water. The bath seems perfect to get in deep, to intuit what it is that we may feel and transform it with the power of Tempestas and Jupiter into this expansive “I know” within. 


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  • Fill your tub (or even a foot bath would work here!) with very warm water.
  • Light your Black Sacred Candle and connect with it. 
  • While standing near your Black Sacred Candle, hold your Storm water (take the lid off) and call to the elements and Tempestas, ask them to assist you in connecting deeply to the seeds of knowing and feeling through the flame of the candle and the water of the storm.
  • Pour the storm water into the bath.
  • Add a few drops of the Jupiter Oil, asking the blend to assist you on expanding your boundaries of knowing and the abundance that can bring.
  • Add 3 Bay Leaves, asking for them to assist in your ‘sight’.

Get in to the tub and listen to your storm soundtrack while breathing deeply every few minutes and sighing it out. Allow your mind to flow and your body to feel. Tempestas and Jupiter will reveal what it is you need “to know” as you navigate the Season of The Seeds and The Great Awakening.

A Candle & A Key,


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