February 2023: Medea and Magic

Medea, the infamous potion practitioner and daughter of Hekate, has clawed her way into Dark Goddess Collective in February. As the Season of The Seeds draws closer to the Season of The Blood, we can spend time in that liminal space understanding the essence of who we are, the choices we make, and the dreams that face a death of incongruency for our genuine magic to shine.

You see, deep in those dark nourishing spaces where wisdom and essence are born are also the spaces and places we hide the beauty and unique ways we can use our magic to impact change.

Why? Because:

  • It doesn’t look pretty.
  • It doesn’t have societal acceptance.
  • It doesn’t paint us perfect.
  • It doesn’t paint us in service to everyone else with no path to everything we also desire.

It is the divorce of a divine marriage, a separation in which a return to balance is required. And it is the same damn story over and over.

Until it isn’t.

Photo by f.krauss via Pexels

The Month of February

Our Theme: Initiations of Choice

This month we are connecting to the energy of becoming, of honoring personal truth to level up and activate our magic that marry the divine essence of who we are and acceptance of the choices we make in our pursuit of who we are becoming.

Our Goddess: Medea

There are many references and stories surrounding Medea and her power. Of course, she was villainized like many of our Great Goddesses. In searching for truth with Medea, we find it is a lot like the search for our own truth. The lessons and the messages each of us receive from her are initiations into the knowing and our ability to perceive become the catalysts for stepping into who we are.

Photo via Pixabay

Some of what we have planned:

As the month progresses, other work may present itself and as always – I love collaborating with others!

A Candle & A Key

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Did you hear? The Hekatean Cave Path, taught by Nini Bee Honeywolf and EXCLUSIVE to Dark Goddess Collective, is opening for enrollment again soon! You can hear me discuss it more here

Feature Image Credit: Joshua Roberts via Pexels

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