The Power of Medea

She came to me in a dream, to tell me it was time to do my part in the collective shift:

I was in a house, in the woods, and there were many people there. I know we stood oppressed in the space, under a hierarchy that included an old priestly man and a seer woman who was physically blind. There were cameras and baby monitors everywhere. The people feared them and in a way I was fearful too, but I maintained hope to break out.

I knew people were coming to save us, like a government entity.

However, every time they got close, the seer woman was able to utilize the frequencies of the baby monitors and cameras to tune in and have us moved underground before the rescue came. Feeling defeated after the 5th time, I ran a bath and sunk into it, crying. After allowing the hopelessness to pervade me entirely, I felt a hand around my neck, and it yanked me forward. Nose to nose with a woman snarling asking me WHAT THE F*CK I WAS DOING. It was her, it was Medea, with a vial called Freedom and a knowing that I would have to save myself.

William Wetmore Story, 1865; Carved 1868

The play, Medea, by Euripides focuses on human nature and calls attention to the culture of oppressiveness and ‘otherness’ of the times. The powers that be utilized it to distort, grossly misrepresent (or perhaps purposely perceived), and reiterated the exact opposite thing that Euripides was calling out. It is a great fog that requires critical thinking and an ability to perceive the truth that lives behind it.

In The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets, Walker (1983) quotes multiple sources including Pliny about her power as a Great Goddess of many realms, but especially those of the luminaries. She included Briffault and Larousse, who described Medea as “mother wisdom” and “medicine” (Walker, 1983). This is a much different flavor than the play by Euripides, but a vast majority of the general public only relegates her to the same evil, vile, and danger to the public as many other Goddesses.

Tom Bagshaw Artist – Pinterest

Lifting The Fog

Here is where we get real with the landscape of our lives – or at least I have. The purpose is not to hurt, harm, or otherwise disturb the foundations upon which we have built our lives, but to hold deeply to an understanding of the power that Medea reveals to us. She isn’t here to kill our dreams, only to empower us to find them, choose them, commit to them, and (as we are witnessing) the universe obliges.

Perhaps it is also here that we see our faces in her story…

The Switch Up & The Spell

If Medea conformed, all her atrocities were okay. Go kill this person in the name of your love or the name of the mission, you are a powerful sorceress on the right side of history they said. However, the moment she became aware of something much more foul at play and went against the grain, what happened? She is evil, vengeful, a dangerous and nasty woman.

How many times have you lived that? I cannot even count.

Medea is put under a spell by Aphrodite to fall in love with Jason as told in Argonautica. She did not have all the knowledge and awareness, only what the spell made her believe (societal conditioning anyone?). When she finds truth, when the fog lifts, she realizes her choices from the heart had been ripped from her. The truth she thought she was living was a lie, conditioned to believe this was the life she wanted: to be with him, to be a mother, to bear his children.

How many times have we found ourselves there? Doing things we SHOULD do or doing things out of a perception of what love is or should be, only to find it is terrifyingly mismatched? We spend more time undoing the works of others to find our true essence and find that our lives don’t fit that truth. We see that play out every 28 to 30 years – during our Saturn Returns. We will get to that in a moment, however, the essence of Medea is not as a vile woman or woman scorned, she is a woman who originally buried her dreams and then decided to unearth them through the digging of the graves to bury her children.

Image via Pixabay

Some say Medea killed her children, but what do all great creators call their creations? The writers, poets, dancers, painters, architects, and crafters often refer to their creations as their children.

When the Universe Obliges – The Shift

The astrology over the last couple of weeks and the astrology ahead plays an important role in the lifting of the fog. Saturn Cazimi occurred, the great cleansing and renewal of Saturn through the heart of the Sun, as it ends its cycle of being in Aquarius. We have the Sun in Pisces and had an ‘oof’ Full moon in Virgo too. Medea ended up becoming the Queen in Medes (of Ancient Iranians) in some accounts and that Full Moon really revealed so much in relation to rising to Queen in our lives.

When we consider where we are in the northern hemisphere, especially with regard to moving into the Season of The Blood, we are receiving and acknowledging that essence of fire. All of this aligns perfectly to our commitment to our own essence, that spark, and it has played out in the stars as a revisiting of the paths we have taken. The analyzing and the removing of things not in alignment happens now. We experience the cognitive dissonance, ultimately lifting the fog and pushing us divinely forward to what fits.

Photo by Bestbe Models via Pexels

That call you feel? That trembling of the voice coming through?

It’s because it’s new and you’re learning to use it wisely. Use it any way.

The shakiness you feel? You’re evaluating the risk versus fear of your purpose. Know this: you’ll find the path between risk and fear. And you’ll walk it any way.

When we link arms, when we connect, when we deal with our shit to learn, grow, and heal – all those things they said we couldn’t do? We do it anyway.

We become unstoppable when we let the fog lift and our essence speak to us. It flows like the water element reflected from the Sun during that Virgo full moon. We were able to get grounded deeply in receiving the wisdom (and this is important) because when our spark ignites, we want it to flow like water towards truth instead of a raging wildfire that takes no prisoners when Pluto enters the room.

Pluto, which is a higher octave of Mars, is moving into changing the vision collectively. Mars is about action, about the will and the drive forward. Pluto is a frequency, a vibration behind the psyche and the motivation behind outward action. It is a collective reflection of dynamic individual motivations. Pluto brings the power we hold collectively as the catalyst for change. Subsequently, Medea gives us a vial called Freedom and the universe empowers us to open it as we see fit.

A Candle & A Key,


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Feature Image Credit: Pinterest Maria Callas from Medea, 1969

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