April 2023: The Guardians of the Garden

The Hesperides, known as The Guardians of The Garden of Golden Apples, were nymphs in Greek Mythology. Why are we studying Nymphs you may wonder? They hold keys, they bridge the gaps we may face in connecting deeper to ourselves and most especially our own garden that needs tending.

While they may be reflections of a brightness, the truth is that they have this uncanny ability to help us where we may not see the landscape for what it is.

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The Month of April

Our Theme: Deep in the Garden of Dreams

This month we are getting deeper into the Garden of Dreams, fostering the insight, determination, and magic required to turn dreamscapes into reality.

Our Goddess Work: The Hesperides

We can connect to these Nymphs and their power to tend our garden and protect it as it bears fruit. These three require we let their various torches light what is necessary within so we may nourish the essence of what it is we are bringing forward too.

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What We Have Planned

  • Black Sacred Candle
  • Elixir of Dreams
  • April 2023 Newsletter
  • Season of The Blood – An Essence Divination
  • April 8th – Give & Receive Circle 1 (DGC Member Exclusive)
  • April 12th – Fuck it, It’s Free Astro III (DGC Member Exclusive)
  • April 16thDark Moon D4C – Excavating Dreams
  • April 23rd – Give & Receive Circle 2 (DGC Member Exclusive)

As the month progresses, other work may present itself.

A Candle & A Key,


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