Apples, Golden Apples, Hesperides

The Hesperides & Our Garden

We are entering into the Season of The Blood, that time of sacred fire and what we are nourishing forward in our own gardens. It comes at a time when we look at our journey, the landscape of where we have been, and where we are going. Our most recent Dark Moon Deipnon for a Cause was a beautiful moment for us to get deeper into this unique landscape and call forward an amplified alignment. You can get the replay (and the pdf) here.

A Divination for The Season

From New Witch, Who Dis, I am offering up a divination that may be helpful in connecting not only with your personal landscape but to ask for direct information from these 3 sisters as well. Whether you use tarot, oracle, bones, or runes, the opportunities to connect and go deeper are endless.

The Journey

The landscape upon which we gaze has its own narrative. It is unique for each of us, but the Hesperides allow us to connect, understand, and transform that narrative through our witchcraft.

The Hesperides can be seen as a part of the heroine’s journey, which is a narrative structure that describes the transformative journey of a female protagonist. In the heroine’s journey, the protagonist undergoes a series of challenges and trials that ultimately lead to her personal growth, enlightenment, and empowerment. Where have you seen this play out and do you notice this pattern?

The Hesperides’ role as guardians of the garden of golden apples can be seen as a challenge or obstacle that the heroine must overcome in order to achieve her goal. The golden apples themselves represent a valuable resource that the heroine must acquire, either for herself or for the greater good. This journey can be seen as a quest for knowledge, wisdom, or spiritual enlightenment, which are common themes in the heroine’s journey. How are you currently on this journey and do you find yourself at an obstacle or are you seeking the guidance to turn it into an abundant power?

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The Archetypal Energy

The Hesperides themselves can also be seen as archetypal figures that represent different aspects of the heroine’s journey. For example, Aegle, the goddess of radiant good health, can represent the physical aspect of the journey, while Erytheia, the goddess of redness or blush, can represent the emotional or psychological aspect. Hesperia, the goddess of the setting sun, can represent the spiritual aspect of the journey, as well as the idea of transition and change. These are great protectors and possibly our greatest teachers if we can connect them to the garden within us and around us. Ask them to reveal their mysteries of your own path, your own garden, your own essence that needs more nourishment to reach full expression.

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