The Elixir of Dreams

Our bodies are unbelievable conduits of energy. We take in energy from plants, animals, and others, sometimes without even recognizing that we are ecologically bound together in this cycle of transformation.

This cycle of extraction, transforming, and using energy internally shows how powerful we are.

However, we are bound by gating channels of the mind and sometimes deeply disconnected from our ability to perceive the body (not recognizing that we’re hungry, cold, hot, thirsty, need to move our bodies, get rest, or fresh air) or the whispers from the world around us. It takes work to reconnect, to open those channels back up and to create this powerful conduit that is the whole you. Witches know they have allies to aid in that shift and the process for embracing the ability to take in and transform higher vibrational energy.

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The Allies

Our plant world is truly one of the most magnificent gate-openers and ally in our ability to dream (eyes open or closed!). Today, I’m sharing a recipe with you that may be helpful in your quest to becoming a powerful conduit. The plant allies are:

  • Chamomile – (Sun) Prosperity, manifestation, patience, and determination 
  • Nettle – (Mars/Pluto) Enchantment, courage, defensive magic, and communication 
  • Apple (dried) – (Venus) Abundance, creativity, health, longevity
  • Lavender – (Mercury/Venus) Dreamwork, clarity, focus, manifestation
  • Star Anis – (Jupiter) Psychic ability, increase/expansive capacity, divination, authority, and power
  • Mugwort – (Moon/Venus) Astral realm, the Claires, visions
  • Cloves – (Jupiter/Sun) Divination, psychic ability, abundance
  • Damiana – (Mars/Pluto) Increased vitality, astral travel, psychic abilities 
  • Blue Lotus – (Sun/Moon) Dream work, divine energetic connection, illumination, and magic

Light your Black Sacred Candle to begin your work. Layer these dried ingredients in a glass jar, in the order shown above. Listen to them. Slow your breath. They’ll tell you how much to use.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Using The Elixir of Dreams

Now put the lid on your jar. Shake it as you feel led. This is now to be used as a tea in the afternoon or evening (give the jar a good shake each time!): 1 TBSP (14-15grams) to 8 oz. (237 mL) of hot water, steeped 3-5 minutes. Again, use great care with this until you know its impact (as in if you have to drive somewhere, I wouldn’t drink this and go). Give space for the sacred and see how this allows you to open your gating channels over the next week or two before adjusting steeping time or amount used.

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