Open the Gates and Lift the Veil

I have had many ask me why Themis would have made her way to us during Samhain or the Season of the Witch. I must admit I couldn’t answer at the beginning of our time with her. I knew it was important. I knew I couldn’t block the intuition or go against it, but that’s what we do so often, right?

We override our knowingness with logic.

She showed me once again that the judgment of humans is not always more accurate than the knowing of the witch. To open the gates is to lift the veil. This applies to us as individuals and to the collective.

The Womb of the Earth, The Tomb of The Earth – Where the oracles used to guide us all, but Themis says we are them. Photo via Pixabay.

Open the Gates

I don’t just mean the gates of our inner temple nor our sacred spaces. I mean our actual gating channels: our senses and our knowingness outside of the ones that we use every single day to collect information.

This is the Themis channel.

The Wise Counsel.

The Purveyor of Natural Order.

The Ability to See without Eyes

We unconsciously filter out a lot of information every single day. In today’s day and age of moving fast, the hustle and grind culture, it is very easy to become overloaded with that information. The sensory overload, especially, will require us to block out things that seemingly do not pertain to us. However, as witches, we know this information is important as we begin to align collectively.

We can open those other gates by slowing down and reducing some of the basic senses to build others.

Themis began to ask me to deconstruct the noise and reduce some of the senses I use to heighten the others available to me. What I noticed is that the contrast not only opened other gates but allowed information and my own translation of it to come through. It is to see without eyes.

Have you ever noticed that many of her representations show she is blindfolded…coincidence? Photo via Pixabay

Deconstruction & Reduction Process

To deconstruct and reduce is to take apart and remove. For many of us the practice of doing so is one of slowing down and of removing some of our basic senses to heighten others. It is in stark contrast to what has been widely pushed as acceptable. So, how do we do this? And why now?

  • Where do you currently have space in your daily life to meditate?
  • Where do you currently have space in your daily life to journal?
  • Where do you currently slow down to breathe in moments?

The above questions give us an answer on where to begin. If those things are not currently happening, if we cannot breathe or think for ourselves, if we are on autopilot, this is where we deconstruct and find the “where” so we can open the gates effectively. Witches know how to create the space and the time – pick your method!

Photo by I.am_Nah via Unsplash

Creative Restriction and Additions

What is preventing us from opening these gates? I’ve been working on creating unique ways of opening my own gating channels through different sensory restrictive practices and a different type of reconnection to my meditative practice, with a special focus on chakras to create an alignment within. With that said, there are a few things that you may try that can assist in opening new ways of sensing.

Creating a Sensory Deprivation Space

I know for some of us this may sound very frightening or disheartening, but it doesn’t have to be all things at once. Maybe it is a reduction in our ability to see, which would increase our ability to possibly hear, smell, or heighten our touch sense. Maybe we reduce the sound, and when we reduce the sound, we may be able to feel our heartbeat, feel the rush of our blood, and hear our body in our ears.

We may be able to hear more internally.

When we reduce smell and reduce touch, it allows us to increase the sensitivity of other things in our own knowing. If possible, getting in the tub with a bunch of Epsom salt and get in there and close your eyes and maybe put on a little blindfold and breathe deeply and can absolutely create a great atmosphere of listening and opening up.

Photo via Pixabay

The Gates of Our Energy

Chakra opening exercises and meditations are a great way of understanding your body and its alignment. There are many teachers on this, and I recommend researching some of these practices. An acknowledgement of our ability to focus and flow energetically within, especially related to the breath, creates an openness between your heart and your mind, which can also allow additional senses and knowingness to come through.

Samhain & Oracles

The connection between Samhain and Themis was a challenge until I recognized the request from Themis is for alignment. It was her natural order and the Oracle’s work of alignment that allowed the connection and translation of the cosmos to come into view. When we do the same, especially during the time of ash and bones, the veil between the worlds will lift without the extra effort typically required.

She says that it is not just the cosmos we can translate, but the messages from our bones, from our rooted feet that are among the living and the dead.

Photo via Pixabay

As our ancestors and spirits of place rise to greet us, they await our acknowledgement of the wisdom they are here to bring. The beauty of opening the gating channels is that Themis is ready to partner in our ability to translate that wisdom of collective change, to lift the veils between us all so that we may find each other rising.

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