Passing the Torch

As the veil thins, we are reminded of those who came before. Those that have passed the torch to us and our purpose now that we hold it. Themis, described as an “emanation” of Earthmother by Charlene Spretnak (1978), is a collective binding force that later became understood as justice. However, it was not justice that was man-made (although it was certainly mis-translated as such), but that which is the natural order of all things. From the cosmos to our Mighty Dead, Themis is here making sure we understand the totality of the torch that has been passed to us.

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The Cosmos

The stars speak a unique language, one that was encoded in our bones upon our very first breath on this Earth. It is the language of the spiral, of the webs we will weave, and our connection to Themis as the divine order through which our choices can be impacted. Like the Oracle she is, we can translate the messages coming from the stars into this realm and from our roots. This translation from heart to mind and mind to heart is one of beauty and embodiment, it allows us to connect, descend, ascend, and transcend entirely within the natural order.

What do the stars say?

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They say so much if we pay attention. For those in the US, there is the Pluto return, and we are deeply feeling it. The structures that have been held in place are beginning to crumble, it has impacted everyone here and is being felt globally. Moreover, we are in the sign of balance and justice, ruled by Venus and we have a Venus Cazimi coming up. This is important because Venus has been called the Torchbearer. When conjunct the sun, it is illuminating the beauty, art, and relationships that must be fostered to stand in our purpose with courage.

True Valor.

One of solidarity, with each other, as the natural order of decay continues forward to rebirth. We are going to enter that space of darkness as a tomb and we are going to hold the torches as we walk out of it as the womb (interestingly, Delphi was known as ‘womb’).

The Original Torchbearers, Stewards of Earth, any of our beautiful Indigenous tribes worldwide! Photo via dlewisnash via Pixabay

The Mighty Dead

The past two years (almost 3!) have taught us so much about death and has fundamentally changed the landscape about our views of living. While we witches know death is the natural order and now is the time to reconnect and honor those that have gone before, the rest of the world is still reeling. There is an overwhelming grief and rage during this time of towers that can be used for a purpose that is sacred. Our ancestors and mighty dead are counting on it, and Themis will open the portals that allow us to translate the divine messages they have for us. Oh yes, they speak.

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The Torch of The Divine Feminine Rising

As we look to Themis, she who became known as Justice, I find myself pulled to call in Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a part of my Mighty Dead. Her energy as a leading force for equity within the highest court in the US would serve us well during a time when we must come together. She passed the torch to us, and I added a few things to my Strategic Altar of Power:

  • Death Card – The natural order of things that we must allow to go, make way for the new.
  • Art Card – The great equalizer, the sacred marriage of equity, the value of creating anew. Interestingly, Venus is also about beauty and art. Venus, both retrograde and direct, makes a pentagram or flower in the sky over time.
  • RBG Dissent Beads – The understanding of her collars, the feminine rising that she used them to represent. It is unbelievably powerful, an energy of love to connect in solidarity in opposition to that which we must not allow to stand.

RBG passed the torch to us, as did our grandmothers and their mothers. Find your strategies, find where you connect and align, and pay attention.

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Zoom out.

Look at the entire web, even the things that don’t directly impact you – because it is all connected. Speak up and speak out and know that we are stronger together.

Our solidarity is required, Themis, RBG, and those that came before us stand with us. Get your house in order, because this journey is one of love for our right to take up space, to be here, and to make our own choices. Justice is the natural order when we learn to stop disconnecting ourselves from the torches we are meant to carry together.

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Spretnak, C. (1978). Lost Goddesses of Early Greece: A Collection of Pre-Hellenic Myths. Beacon Press Boston.

Featured Image Credit: Alice AliNari via Pexels

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