Aphrodite’s Lantern to Luscious

This month’s Black Sacred Candle is working as a lantern and is unique in that each of us will have something totally different with Aphrodite. While all Black Sacred Candles are made to cleanse and protect the space for our magic, this one becomes a portal in which the three bodies can pull the lusciousness of life through the collective unconsciousness into our awareness. It is delightful in how we, too, can light right up.

Never made a Black Sacred Candle? We got you covered here!

Photo via Pixabay

Ingredients & Tools

  • Candle Scribe (or a toothpick if you wish to put a sigil on your candle)
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Parchment Paper
  • Oil of your choosing
  • Any herbs, stones, or pretties you have collected for use. Think LUSCIOUS, what makes you feel that way, what lights you up on the inside, and then find those things! Note: Gather items from around your land and home for use, don’t purchase anything – it forces us to open and see what is available to us that we may otherwise overlook! Please make sure to research all herbs and practice fire safety!
Photo by Kaycee Reeves


  • Take a piece of aluminum foil (large enough to wrap your candle in) and place it on your workspace.
  • Take a piece of non-stick parchment paper (about the same size as your aluminum foil) and place it on top of the aluminum foil. Trick: Fold the edges of the aluminum foil over the top of the edges of the parchment paper to keep it from rolling!
  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
  • Draw any sigils on your candle if you wish.
  • Anoint your candle with the oil of your choosing.
  • Lightly coat your candle with any plant material or wrap it around the candle to be secured tightly in the next step (this could be stones too). Caution: Please make sure there are no large chunks of plant material as these can be dangerous or ‘pop’ during candle burning. As always, please abide by all fire safety rules.
  • Place your candle onto the parchment/aluminum foil, wrap your candle, and place in the oven.
  • DO NOT LEAVE THE KITCHEN (lesson learned the hard way), turn your candle every 2 minutes (this took me about 12 minutes total).
Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Daily Practice

Each day, sit with the flame for a few minutes and allow yourself to feel into your space, work any magic, notice your thoughts and feelings each time you light it. You may notice a certain thought/feeling comes up each time, or you may notice a pull toward humming, drumming, or chanting. Allow yourself to flow here!

A Candle & A Key,


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