Hestia: Purity & Virgin Births

This is part two of the series before we go deeper in our connections! Read part one here!

In the last post, we went through the evolution of “Virgin”, especially with regard to purity. “Purity” is a word often associated with being unadulterated, untarnished, or free from contamination. It can be applied to various contexts, including morality, substances, or even one’s intentions. Here, the concept of “purity” is closely connected to the idea of being true to oneself.

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Hestia (among other Virgin Goddesses) highlights purity in this manner. Being true to herself involved authenticity and a commitment to her core values and beliefs – such as her vow to Zeus to remain wholly belonging to only herself. Striving for purity in this sense, Hestia maintained an unblemished alignment between actions, thoughts, and values. 

Reclaiming Purity with Hestia

In this context, “purity” can refer to the purity of intention or the purity of character. It implies being sincere and genuine in our actions and interactions, without hidden agendas or ulterior motives. By being true to self, guidance comes from inner values and conscience, which can lead to a sense of purity in decision-making and conduct.

Foxglove and Bee Butts, what could be more true to self than that, right? Photo by Kaycee Reeves.

Ultimately, the connection between “purity” and being true to oneself lies in the pursuit of living an authentic and honest life, where our actions and intentions reflect genuine beliefs and values. It’s about striving for integrity in a world that can sometimes challenge our principles and perhaps persuade us to compromise our authenticity.

The Hearth and Hieros Gamos

Hestia wasn’t the hearth itself, but the fire contained within it. Indeed, knowing that she was the beginning, the end, and at the center (the first of all offerings and the fires lit in new kinships, townships, etc.), makes her a matriarch nonetheless. The Hearth is the womb space from which she reigns, feeding and nourishing the connections from it as a force behind the forms they take: the Virgin births.

Art by Eric Brede

The Virgin Birth

The Virgin birth, viewed through an energetic lens, comes from a Sacred Marriage (Hieros Gamos). It appears as the balance within her as an energetic force. Looking to Hestia through this same lens of archetypal energy and the corresponding creations in one’s life, it may come as a surprise to find our own Virgin birthing processes. It appears in the connections we create and nourish. It appears with others through kinship and community. Likewise, it also arrives as the balance of reciprocity and our ability to receive and to give. It is this balance of feminine and masculine as energy or Yin/Yang that sees the Virgin Birth. The wholeness from such balance within provides a fertile birthing space from which we can create ripples with lasting impact.

In fact, it gave me pause to ask: in what ways have we too been wholly unto ourselves and birthing wildly?

Perhaps Hestia can light the way

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