Cultivating & Centering Fire

Hestia keeps arriving like an infomercial speaker, “but wait, there’s more!”, however it is because she is meeting me in moments that I’m able to comprehend. The magnitude of her “more” is profound. It all starts at the center. It flows far and wide. We must cultivate our own first.

All. The. Fire.

The Patterns

If we look at the patterns of life and nature we find an essence. This force, the energy of it, gives rise to purpose and possibility. It is simultaneously around us and within us. When we learn from Hestia, we learn to seat and build the fire within to impact change around us. Today, we prepare to spark the embers that await.


This tea, from Tania at The Howling Baubo, is a fiery production!

If you’re like me, then you aren’t really one for coincidences. I have the ability to find meaning in most things.

What happened was: I was meditating the day before the August full moon and received specific herbal info to create a tea blend that would help me out with all the BIG things happening within and around me. I thought this was a personal thing but it turns out I am meant to share this tea with my community.

The joy of tea is real!

It’s not unusual for me to download herbs that I need to incorporate into my world, but this time the synchronicity was exciting. I had no idea that the next focus here at DGC would be meeting and greeting Hestia.

Hestia the Goddess of the Hearth and Home, the Flamebearer, The Hearth Keeper. Ooooohhhh, I am excited.

Now back to the tea.

I’ve been drinking it daily since July 31st. I was over the moon excited with how smooth, tasty, and alive the tea was so I shared my excitement with Kaycee. When Hestia was revealed to be our next Goddess, it hit me like a freight train how the herbs in this tea are all fire herbs and how they each have a story to tell on how to keep our inner flame tended and healthy.

This tea is for Hestia, the synchronici-TEA is born. 

Adding to the synchronicity Juliette from the community wrote an inspiring piece in Botanica that included a bit about the fennel in her garden. I love when that happens.

The Recipe

Photo by Tania.

 A Simple Blend

  1. Fennel Seeds 
  2. Cloves
  3. Dried Ginger

I used about 1 tsp Fennel, 7 Cloves, and a few small pieces of dried Ginger. 

Experiment with your proportions and come up with the perfect blend that fits your taste and needs!

I used my mortar and pestle to break down the herbs and release their magic. Steeped for around 7 minutes and then topped it off with a little bit of raw honey. 

Holy Hestia it is delicious. 

Synchronici-TEA steeping under orange calcite, red carnelian and a piece of chrysoprase. Photo by Tania

My Observations

From my journal after the first cup:

“Nice smooth taste – autumnal. Spice lingers in the back of my throat easily ascending up into the 3rd eye and crown before falling in a gentle rain down through the throat, solar, sacral and root. Pleasant calming aroma. Transports me to sitting by a bon fire surrounded by fireflies watching shooting stars. My mouth feels like it’s waking up – tingly and ALIVE. My sinus’s even cleared.”

I would love to hear from anyone who tries this tea out for themselves! Drop a comment below when you do. 

How did you make it?

Did you tweak it? 

Did you enjoy it? 

Was it too much fire? 

I have all the questions 🤣

AND we all know this but please research any and all herbs before consuming because we all have different constitutions and what is good for me may not be good for thee.  

Happy Tea Time!

The Sacred Fire of Hestia Blend

The tea from Tania is an amazing inner fire builder. I’m grateful she shared it with us!

To bring it out further, into the world around us, we can call her into our space with the Black Sacred Candle. However, how can we transform the inner and outer flames to cultivate purpose, possibility, and impact from the center? An incense blend likely holds the key!


  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Chamomile
  • Eyebright
  • Dragons Blood


  • Mortar/Pestle
  • Holding Vessel (bowl, jar, etc)

Process & Directions:

  • The order in which you add the ingredients to your mortar and pestle depends upon your connection to them. For those that have not built a relationship with these plants, place a bit of each one out into a small cloth or bowl. Sit with your herbs and explain what it is that you are looking to accomplish and allow them to guide you.

To take it deeper, you can also create an herbal monograph of each herb to place in your grimoire.

  • Once you have given directions and the plants have been added, it is time to get to work breaking down the plant material as small as possible to reduce fire hazards. The larger the pieces, the more likely they are to “pop” as you burn your incense. The act of breaking them down in such a way is very intimate, however, should you not have a mortar and pestle or find it challenging to use (no harm, no foul, and no judgement), you can reduce the fire hazard by using an herb grinder or a small food processor.
  • Add your incense to a jar, container, or bowl until it’s ready to activate fully.

The First Sliver Activation

As we are looking to build, grow, and ripple outward from the center, I will be using the first sliver of the New Moon to activate this blend. I go deeper into why and how I’ll be activating this blend here!

A Candle & A Key,


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