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Hestia and The Portal To Sacred Fire

Connecting to Hestia has revealed she’s not the structure of the Hearth, but the wholeness of the flame and how it radiates nurturance, warmth, and illumination from the center. When we’re looking to open the portal to sacred Fire, we won’t find it outside of ourselves. The spark was given as a gift, for us to cultivate.

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Focus & Flow

Known as a Virgin Goddess, her focus is on the spiritual center of wholeness within. Her inward focus, belonging to no man, and the oath of remaining impenetrable asserts the power of connection deeply inward that provides a type of transcendental function. Hestia’s ability to connect from her own center to the oneness of all then translates to a type of fire emanating or flowing to those around her. It is in fact, within us all to build up that focus on what sets our soul on fire, so we too are in flow in relationships or communities linked by such fire.

Photo by Kaycee Reeves

Practical Possibilities

It’s this source energy, the essence of who we are as a ray of the divine, that we have the ability to open ourselves. Hestia, along with her sister Hera (Juno), give a great glimpse of the spark of nature moving into and through us through the great cycles. When we focus (intent) and flow (transference of energy), our capacity to open this portal of Sacred Fire expands. Hestia can help bridge the gap of awareness to bring the three requirements of such magic together to light us up (much like the ancient act of fire from one town center being taken to the center of a new town to light it up or bring it to life).

What you will need:

  • Large jar w/ a lid
  • Journal or paper
  • Scrap paper or small note paper
  • Writing utensil
  • Tape or glue stick
  • Dried Orange peel
  • Cinnamon
  • Nettle
  • Rosemary
Photos by Kaycee Reeves

To Start:

  • Sit down with your journal and free write about what you want or desire from an inward-focused perception.
  • You may light your Black Sacred Candle to Hestia, make a cup of Synchronici-Tea, or burn some of The Sacred Fire Incense to allow yourself to connect.
  • Gather all of herbs and the jar with a lid. Place each herb in the jar. Orange Peel and cinnamon to commit to your own Sacred Fire, Nettle to sting away resistance, and Rosemary for the discipline this will take.
  • When you put the lid on to seal, you can say “With this first seal, I am committed to my fire and discipline in my daily practice, with every turn and seal I commit to my focus and flow”.

Go Deeper:

  • Grab your scrap paper or small note paper and writing utensil. After the intention building practices above, we have a greater idea of what we want, what adds value and fulfillment, as well as things we could add strength and focus to. On your scrap paper, write one thing you will do today to increase your focus and flow by removing ONE thing for a set period of time. For example:
    • Today I will color or create a sigil for focus while being completely unavailable for 10 minutes, no tech.
    • Today I will put away my phone in another room and I will go outside and really look at the world around me curiously.
  • Fill up your jar with as many ideas as you can. Each time you unseal and reseal your jar, asking for “Focus & Flow”.
  • Each day, pull out one thing from your jar and get to it. Once complete, tape the paper to a page in your journal and answer these questions:
    • How did it feel to interrupt the status quo?
    • How did I feel during the experience?
    • What parts of this brought me joy?
    • Are there ways in which I could have enjoyed this more?
    • Did I experience a deeper state of awareness and connection?
  • Once the jar is empty, feel free to start again.

The purpose here is to disconnect to reconnect inwardly and do so meaningfully each day. Doing the deeper work to connect authentically to our inner Hestia and our sacred fire allows us to expand collectively. It can provide greater clarity for what we want, allow us to focus the mind better, and cultivate the Sacred Fire within that ripples outwardly.

A Candle & A Key,

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Wondering if the private community is a good space for you to dive deeper into your own practice or get to know the sacred within community? Learn more here.

Wondering if the private community is a good space for you to dive deeper into your own practice or get to know the sacred within community? Learn more here.

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