October 2023: Demeter Arrives

Demeter, Greek Goddess of the Harvest and mother to Kore (or Persephone), arrives within Dark Goddess Collective. With her, she brings lessons of abundance and change. As the Great Mother Earth proceeds towards the dark in the northern hemisphere, so too does Demeter. From both great teachers we find our own guidance forward in October!

Plutus and Demeter, Apulian red-figure loutrophoros C4th B.C., The J. Paul Getty Museum

The Month of October 2023

Our Theme: The Flow of Change

This month we are looking at our ability to flow and embrace change with the world around (and within) us!

Our Goddess: Demeter

As one of oldest Goddesses, the connections, influences, and meaning making each person may experience during this work are vast. There is a wide range of possibilities and each are gates of opportunity in which we can find (or return to) self through our ability to flow with the energy of change. 

Photo by Orhan Pergel via Pexels

What We Have Planned

  • October 2023 Newsletter
  • The Black Sacred Candle
  • Behind The Veil Incense
  • Embracing Change
  • The Magic of The Culling
  • Samhain Share
  • 10/01/2023: The Hekatean Cave Path Course begins (payment plans available – just reach out!)
  • 10/01/2023: D4C Prize Drawing for Q3!
  • 10/13/2023: Dark Moon D4C Workshop for our Q4 Cause: EarthJustice with Kaycee discussing the Zodiac!
  • 10/22/2023: Give & Receive Circle
  • 10/28/2023: October Witch Stack Book Club Meet
  • 10/30/2023: The Ancestor Circle

As the month progresses, other work may present itself and you may even find deeper calls to share your own work (as always, there is never a requirement nor pressure to do so!).

A Candle & A Key,


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Feature Image Credit: Oană Andrei via Pexels

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