12 Days of Selfcare ~ Day 9

Day 9 – Lay Your Head Down

Getting enough rest is crucial as a human. Where I lay my head for rest is a space I consider to be sacred. Creating a Sacred Pillow Pouch is a great way to practice sacred restful selfcare with plant allies. We can use plant allies that reinforce the elements of restfulness, dreams, calm, and the ability to navigate the liminal space between conscious and unconscious.


  • Lavender Buds
  • Bay Leaves
  • Mugwort (dried herb)
  • Small pouch


Place each herb into your small pouch and whisper to it what your aims are. Once the herbs are in the pouch, ask them to work together in your favor. Place it in your pillowcase or under your pillow.

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Additional Tips:

  • I have written on the Bay leaves if I need to have a specific outcome for a certain time, or if I am doing specific dream work related to time walking and goals.
  • Pulling the pouch out for a few minutes and breathing the herbs in has been a helpful routine to create a calm inner space before bedtime. Connecting to the herbs this way also allows for deeper relationship with them.

Preparing for Day 10

Each day there will be another (smaller) article detailing the current day and the next day, so if you are a planner like I am, you will have time to make the space.

If you want a complete list of tools, please click here.

Day 10 – Uplifted Spirit Scrub

Have you ever smelled something that instantly made the room seem a little brighter, our mood a little more carefree and relaxed? Some days we need to take all of our to do’s, our stress, our anxiety, and chuck them in the f*ck it bucket for half an hour. Today we are going to create a scrub to cleanse the body and uplift the spirit.


  • Jar with lid
  • ½ cup Sugar
  • 5 drops of Lavender Essential oil
  • 6 drops Bergamot Essential Oil
  • 3 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • ¼ cup Olive Oil


Start with the sugar and olive oil and get to a consistency that you love, some prefer more or less sugar or more or less oil. All of the ingredients have a purpose and we want to intentionally give direction as we add them:

  • Sugar to sweetly reveal the layers needing more care
  • Olive Oil to protect the layers we are revealing
  • Lavender to build a calm awareness of the care we are reaching toward
  • Bergamot to uplift, bring joy and stability in our selfcare routine
  • Eucalyptus to re-center and focus on the now

Note: Feel free to use coconut oil instead, you just may have to put the jar in warm water to melt the coconut oil a little when it is time to use it.

This feels super luxurious on the skin and removes dead skin easily. It cleanses the body and uplifts the mind. Try it today in your shower and then journal about what you noticed immediately after the shower. I am usually better prepared to take on the rest of the day after this little ritual!

Tip: Follow up the routine with a lotion that you added a few drops of your personal oil to (from Day 4), it helps to moisturize the skin and keep the focus on personal wellness.

Building it Up

This is a free series from Dark Goddess Collective and is a part of our December 2021 work. We believe that it is important to empower each other, this includes providing free information that provokes or encourages knowledge of self, of sovereignty, and that which builds intuition. Over the course of 12 days we will be building up a practice of selfcare that invites in the deeper knowledge of self and building up awareness of the importance of Full-hearted selfcare in our practices of magic.

We are building a network of Sovereigns too! Stay tuned!

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