Alêtheia: The Goddess of Individual Truth Revealed

Connecting with Aletheia this month has been truly synchronous with the medicine that many of our fabulous students, followers, and collaborators have needed. The Goddess in this form has been a medicine bringer of clarity and deeper self-understanding in the context of personal truth. She is the one who can help us reach through the gate of dreams. This place is where our unconscious messages to self and from the divine muse are revealed, and she assists us in pulling them into consciousness.

These messages, these are the ones that have life-altering, healing, and discerning abilities.

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Correspondences & Lineage

The Goddess Aletheia has an amazing sense of humor but also one that requires us to think critically. She can be amazingly difficult to research, however, I don’t believe this to be unfortunate. She doesn’t want us to know her through the view of research. She wants to build our gnosis on an individual level of perception. Because truth is also based on perception, the correspondences detailed below are based on my ability to perceive and translate the energy into correspondences. I have used these correspondences to attune to and journey with her successfully.

  • Element: Air, Earth
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Number: 2
  • Stone: Quartz, Flourite
  • Moon Phase: Full
  • Lineage: Father: Zeus
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Meeting her at the gates was a journey of discernment, of understanding what is revealed through her opening the gates to our truth. Indeed, Aletheia etymologically means the state of not being hidden. The lessons from Aletheia do not just stop with our own authentic truths or discerning the meanings. It spirals outwardly, our ability to discern truth from others growing stronger the more we practice connecting to her energy. Truth revealed through inner intuitive connections grows in leaps and bounds once we have journeyed to meet her. In fact, much like truth coming out of her well, we find ourselves with an ability to claw our own way up and out to exactly what we need.

This ability is a potent form of magic that allows us to see ourselves and others clearly, even when the truth revealed is bitter to the taste

May your journey and connection to her empower you towards your purpose, passion, and magic more fully!

A Candle & A Key,

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